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August 17, 2016 Blog

Coherent GT 1.9 is here and brings a huge amount of powerful features. In this release, our focus was on

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Under the hood of Hummingbird: String interning
August 04, 2016 Blog

Here is another technical blog post which will give you a better understanding of how Hummingbird – our new HTML

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Coherent GT Release 1.8.6
July 05, 2016 Blog

Coherent GT 1.8.6 is here with a ton of new features and improvements! This blog post will highlight the changes

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How to get 60 fps UI on mobile?
July 05, 2016 Blog

We have a big announcement to make – Project Colibri for Games is renamed to Hummingbird! Hummingbird is Coherent Labs’

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Overview of the new Coherent GT 1.7
February 18, 2016 Blog

Coherent GT 1.7 is our largest update so far and it’s all about improved performance and easier integration in engines.

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Introducing Renoir Graphics Library
September 12, 2015 Blog

Hi, my name is Stoyan and I’m one of the co-founders of Coherent Labs and I’m responsible for the software

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Coherent GT 1.4 released!
August 19, 2015 Blog, News

Today we release a new version of Coherent GT with many new features. In this post I’ll highlight the biggest

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Temporary allocations in C++
June 01, 2015 Blog

Heap allocations in C++ are notoriously expensive when they hit the generic allocator. Many high-performance software projects employ custom allocation

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Coherent GT 0.9.6 for Unreal Engine 4
February 19, 2015 Blog

Today we launch one of the biggest updates so far for our Unreal Engine 4 Coherent GT plugin. The release

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October 15, 2014 Blog

Hi there, today we present Part 4 of UI animations framework for Coherent UI. If you want to recall Part

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