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The future of training programs is in simulations and VR technology!
April 01, 2015 Blog

Virtual reality is changing the way we learn, play and interact. Exciting companies such as Oculus, Meta, Valve make this

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Coherent UI 1.x for Mobile is going open source
March 20, 2015 Blog

We have exciting news for all mobile game developers. We are open sourcing Coherent UI 1.x on Wednesday next week.

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Rapid UI prototyping in UE4 with Adobe Photoshop and Coherent GT
March 18, 2015 Blog

Coherent GT is powered by HTML and gives you the unique possibility to prototype your UI directly in Adobe Photoshop

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Coherent GT 0.9.7 for Unreal Engine 4
March 13, 2015 Blog

We are happy to announce that we are releasing Coherent GT 0.9.7. This is one of the last milestones we

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GDC2015 – experience to remember
March 12, 2015 Blog

GDC 2015 is already behind our backs and now I have the chance to share my impressions from the whole

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Have you ever dreamed of being a dragon?
February 20, 2015 Blog

Now it is possible with FaceRig! FaceRig is an entertaining software which uses image based tracking technology to map your

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Coherent GT 0.9.6 for Unreal Engine 4
February 19, 2015 Blog

Today we launch one of the biggest updates so far for our Unreal Engine 4 Coherent GT plugin. The release

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Visit Coherent Labs Booth at GDC 2015
February 09, 2015 Blog

One year passed really fast and the time for the largest Game Developers Conference (GDC) is almost here. For the

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