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Coherent Labs UI development guide (pdf)
October 20, 2014 Blog

Hi guys, we want to present you “Coherent Labs UI development guide”- a document which will be helpful for both

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October 15, 2014 Blog

Hi there, today we present Part 4 of UI animations framework for Coherent UI. If you want to recall Part

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Odin, Freya and drunk vikings in Shield Break’s game: Bierzerkers
October 06, 2014 Blog

Hi, guys, my name is Billy and I am the new community manager of Coherent Labs. I am very excited

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Using the Unreal Engine 4 localization with Coherent UI
September 17, 2014 Blog

Hi there, I am Stan and today I will show you how to use the Localization feature of Unreal Engine

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September 05, 2014 Blog

Part 1 is available here Part 2 is available here As mentioned in our earlier posts we are working to

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Coherent UI multi-process architecture
September 04, 2014 Blog

What is Coherent UI? Coherent UI is a software development kit that allows game developers to create stunning user interfaces

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UI Animations framework for Coherent UI (Part 2)
August 27, 2014 Blog

Part 1 is available here The first step will be the creation of a JavaScript-based animation framework based on the

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4K UI and the future of gaming
August 26, 2014 Blog

Hey everybody, In this post we’ll have a look at 4K resolution gaming, the challenges it presents to UI systems

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