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Meet Coherent Labs on Game Connection in Paris
November 22, 2012 News

There are only 6 days left till the start of Game Connection 2012 in Paris. And we can hardly wait because next

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Unity3D integration with Coherent UI – Public Beta
November 21, 2012 News

Coherent UI is really happy to announce today the official public beta of our integration with the Unity3D game engine! In

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Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor – Introduction
November 13, 2012 News

We would like to share a video showing the first version of the Coherent UI integration in the Unity3D editor. In this

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Porting Brackets to a new platform
November 08, 2012 TechTutorials

Brackets is a code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That makes it

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Passing a struct from C# to C++ gone wrong
November 05, 2012 TechTutorials

Have you ever tried calling a C# method returning a structure from C++? This is not a common use of interoperability so you

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Announcing Coherent UI for .Net
November 01, 2012 Release

We are proud to announce the official release of Coherent UI for .Net. With Coherent UI game developers and UI

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CryEngine 3 Integration
October 24, 2012 News

This week we’re on a multimedia frenzy and we’re presenting another video of Coherent UI :). This one is about our experimental

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Introducing on-demand views in Coherent UI
October 22, 2012 News

Update: Coherent UI is no longer supported. Check the features of our current products – Coherent GT and Hummingbird! Coherent

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