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Converting a gyp library to premake
January 21, 2013 Blog

Here at Coherent Labs, we have a large and cross-platform project. The build system is crucial for a project like

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Dump References VS add-in
January 15, 2013 Blog

Motivation In our current products we have to deal with very big build projects, some of are divided in more

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Syntactic sugar for Unity3D binding
December 18, 2012 Blog

Recently, we’ve updated the Unity3D version of our product. Along with various fixes and improvements, we’ve added a feature that

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Far Cry 3 Review: UI & Gameplay
December 06, 2012 Blog

Far Cry 3, the long waited role-playing shooter game, has just been released in the US for consoles and PC.

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A high level shader construction syntax – Part III
December 04, 2012 Blog

This article is part of the a series of posts, the first ones can be found here: A high level

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What can Unity 4 and DirectX 11 do together?
December 03, 2012 Blog

With the new version Unity 4 introduces support for DirectX 11 which can really take your graphics to the next

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Meet Coherent Labs on Game Connection in Paris
November 22, 2012 Blog

There are only 6 days left till the start of Game Connection 2012 in Paris. And we can hardly wait because next

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Unity3D integration with Coherent UI – Public Beta
November 21, 2012 Blog

Coherent UI is really happy to announce today the official public beta of our integration with the Unity3D game engine! In

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