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Coherent GT Editor Quick Start
June 17, 2015 Blog

Coherent GT Editor Quick Start The Coherent GT Editor is a powerful UI WYSIWYG editor based on HTML. Using its

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Temporary allocations in C++
June 01, 2015 Blog

Heap allocations in C++ are notoriously expensive when they hit the generic allocator. Many high-performance software projects employ custom allocation

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Coherent GT Bindings Tutorial for UE4 Part 1
May 27, 2015 Blog

This tutorial will show you how to setup communication between your game and UI. Check out the video tutorial:  

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Bringing HTML5 to digital signage
May 21, 2015 Blog

Most of the companies featured on our blog so far are game development studios. Coherent UI and Coherent GT, however,

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Getting Started with Coherent GT in Unreal Engine
May 18, 2015 Blog

This tutorial will show you how to add the Coherent GT plugin into a project and create two types of

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Coherent GT Licensing
May 13, 2015 Blog

Yesterday we officially released Coherent GT 1.0. We are really excited and proud with the results we have achieved. Coherent

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Coherent GT 1.0 is already here!
May 11, 2015 Blog

Today we officially release our high-performance lightweight UI Platform- Coherent GT 1.0! For the last months, we have been working

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First peek into the Coherent Editor
April 29, 2015 Blog

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce a new feature of Coherent GT that has been in development in

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