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Vector graphics

Coherent GT supports vector graphics that look great on all resolutions and aspect ratios.

Multithreaded architecture

Coherent GT's multithreading architecture allows for higher performance. The whole UI system can tick in a worker thread and save precious cycles on the main gameplay thread.

Fast rendering backend

Coherent GT minimizes the rendering time of the UI. The renderer batches commands aggressively and the used shaders are specially designed for efficient UI rendering. Developers can write their own rendering backends for tighter integration in the engine, the API is designed for that.

Based on the standard web technologies

Coherent GT's HTML engine allows you to fully utilize the power of the modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6/ES7)) and benefit from all the web existing knowledge.

Visual Styling

Powerful responsive layout system

Coherent GT supports responsive designs with a powerful layout system. The UI will adapt to the target resolution and aspect ratio. Elements will expand, shrink, anchor based on the designer's specification. Localization or changes in the UI texts won't break the layout and lead to visual quirks.

Powerful animation system

Coherent GT has one of the most powerful and high performance animation systems in the industry. UI elements can have multiple tracks with dozens of easing effects. Creating and reusing animations can be done visually in the Coherent Editor and other tools.

Quick styling of the UI, style sharing between elements, widgets, interfaces

CSS styles allow designers to define a main look of the UI and reuse it to style all UI elements. If any changes are required, the designer can apply them to the main look and they will be immediately visible in all other elements.

3D transformed elements, blend modes and effects

Coherent GT provides dozens of visual features to create great game UI such as 3D transforms, which allow you to transform elements in 3D. It also supports multiple blend modes and visual effects. Developers can integrate custom visual effects in the system by writing additional shaders.


JavaScript UI scripting

UI developers can create complex logic with modern JavaScript, with complete ES6/ES7 support, without the need to write native code.

Data-driven binding system

Coherent GT's data-binding model makes it easy to send data back and forth between the engine and the UI. Designers can use a data-driven model to animate and update the UI without any coding.

Full control over memory allocations, garbage collection, and resource access

With Coherent GT, all memory, rendering resource, file access go through the engine’s code, which gives you full development control. JavaScript garbage collections can be precisely controlled and run at specific times or completely disabled in performance critical moments in the title. The developer has full control over all eventual HTTP requests and can add custom SSL certificates.


Profiling and debugging tools that work on the live game (even on console)

The Coherent Inspector gives full insight into the Coherent GT working internals. Developers can quickly debug JavaScript code (with breakpoints, watches, call stacks, etc.) as well as run profiling traces that precisely show how much time different UI calculations take.

Visual UI Editor and third-party tools

Coherent GT comes with the Coherent Editor and an Adobe Animate plugin bringing all the product's features at your fingertips. You can create the whole UI, widgets, animations, effects and directly import assets from major UI drawing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Component system for dynamic widget instantiation and elements reuse

Coherent GT has built-in facilities for reusable UI components that can be instantiated in a data-driven way.

UI kits

Coherent GT comes with prebuilt components for UI and game menus for various types of games. The kits are fully optimized for high performance and show the best practices in using CSS and JS.

In-game browser

HTTP(S) navigation for displaying remote interfaces & websites

With Coherent GT adding in-game marketplaces, chat, social integrations (Facebook, Twitch, Twitter etc.) becomes easy because it can work as a mini-browser fetching remote resources. SSL security is fully supported.

Media Playback

Video playback

Coherent GT comes with built-in VP8/9 video playback integration (including YouTube), which creates many possibilities for building visually stunning interfaces.

User input

Integrated localization system

Coherent GT has a localization API system allowing you to add attributes to your HTML elements and have their content translated automatically.

Gamepad input support

Coherent GT comes with implemented gamepad API support as a first class citizen allowing you access and respond to signals from gamepads in a simple, consistent way and avoid any related nuisances.

Platforms and engines

Cross-platform development

Coherent GT supports all major PC and Console platforms- Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Easy integration

Coherent GT comes pre-integrated with Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, Lumberyard and can be quickly and easily integrated with proprietary C++ engines.

Support and Resources

Top-notch support team

Our support team will react quickly and assist with any questions and issues. Options for super-quick response times are available along with access to senior developers and UI experts that can help your team get the best out of the tools.

Guides and samples

Coherent GT comes with numerous samples and guides to help you get you started quickly.

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