Coherent UI .NET Browser Controls

The Coherent Labs WPF browser control is a substitute for the default .NET WebBrowser control. It addresses the deficiencies of the standard .NET WebBrowser by providing support for the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Coherent UI is powered by the same technology as the Google Chrome browser.

The Coherent UI WPF and WinForms controls allow for a robust and secure web browsing experience with full support for HTML5, CSS3, WebRTC, Local storage and the latest web standards. Pages are drawn offscreen so you can apply all WPF transformations and effects on the images created by the controls.

The Coherent UI .NET Browser controls are the only commercially supported browser controls for 64-bit applications.

Google Maps in Coherent UI .NET


The Coherent UI .NET Browser controls are fully cross-platform, supporting Windows x86 and x64 applications as well as Mac OS X and Linux through Mono GTK#.


Major features

  • Latest web technologies support – HTML5, CSS3

  • Full control on the browsing environment – cookies, local storage, custom file handlers etc.

  • Full integration with the Visual Studio editor for both the WinForms and WPF controls

  • No external dependencies

  • Fully cross platform – compatible with Windows x86 and x64 applications as well as Mac OS X and Linux

  • Multi-process architecture for enhanced browsing security and overall application robustness

  • Powerful API for .NET<->JavaScript communication. You can bind .NET objects to web pages and vice versa

  • Full control on the HTTP headers and resource handling

  • Support for SSL and OAuth 2.0 authentication for easy integration with social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

  • WebVideo and WebAudio support via the latest WebM codecs

  • WebRTC support for video chats

  • Complete Navigation API including history, back, forward

Visual Studio Properties

The Coherent UI .NET Browser controls package includes WinForms and WPF controls for all platforms, extensive documentation, API reference and code samples.

You can freely try Coherent UI for .NET for 30 days. Check out the API Reference.