Hummingbird Licensing is done on a per-project basis where a unique License Key, granting you access to your licensed products, is generated for each project.

A Hummingbird per-product License is unique and is tied to your Licensee Title. It cannot be transferred or shared. Doing so breaches the terms of the License Agreement. The only exceptions to this are to provide the Hummingbird License Key to members working on the licensed project, as per the terms of the License Agreement.

The Hummingbird License is tied to a specific Licensed Licensee Title, so it cannot be used to create new titles. Doing so breaches the terms of the License Agreement. If you require to use Hummingbird in another project, please get a trial license for the new project.

Team and Studio Hummingbird Product Licenses are project-based. They are not individual or “per seat” licenses, so for those licenses, No.

Budget is defined as total cost: proceeds, salaries for all of the team, consulting, tools, assets, etc. at time of shipping, for the main title and all planned DLCs. If the project is still in development calculate the best estimate of the total project budget when completed.

We do not require the particular numbers or the company books and accounting details. You have to make sure that your budget meets the requirements of the License Agreement all the time.

You should contact us within 30 days of the event and we will provide you with options change the license to the appropriate license tier.

Updates means a major (reference release) version of the SDK, but does not upgrade it to the next major version of the SDK and is identified numerically to the right of the decimal point e.g. Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and so on; an Update is not a major, standalone version of the SDK.

Platforms in regards to Hummingbird is currently only one – Mobile.

Hummingbird license is tied to particular title, so No.

You can use the same license for launchers, lobbies, etc. as far as they are used only for the specific project that you have a license for.