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High-Performance Lightweight UI Platform


Coherent GT was created with the sole purpose to empower teams to achieve better results on multiple platforms (PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). Coherent GT is a fully in-process and GPU accelerated user interface library. The designer-friendly workflow, our comprehensive UI tutorials and short iteration time will help you build up your game UI faster than ever before!

Coherent GT is deeply integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D, and can also be easily integrated with an in-house developed engine.


Save time and resources

Coherent GT uses the modern standards for UI development – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. You can easily craft amazing interfaces, either by using our visual editor or by writing the interface by hand. The live editing feature reduces the iteration time by allowing designers to make and view changes, even while the application is running!

Create Complex UI with ease

Our fast renderer achieves amazing performance even for complex user interfaces with many animations and layers.

Make sure that your UI looks great on all resolutions

Take full advantage of GT's dynamic styling and vector graphics system. Content created with Coherent UI GT is styled with CSS and can easily be changed by UI designers. The use of vector graphics ensures that UI elements are perfectly scaled for any resolution.

Be in control of what’s going on

Coherent GT comes with tools for detailed profiling and debugging the interface. Discover how your UI performs or detects any scripting error in a matter of seconds.

Create extraordinary UI

Create stunning UI with elements sticking-out of the interface with the CSS3 3D to transform functionality. Use the Live Views functionality to integrates 3D images, rendered in the game engine, in the interface.

Get what you see with our new editor (WYSIWYG)

GT comes with an easy to use, drag and drop editor. Everyone on your team can create a UI prototype within a few hours!

Check out a full feature list or our Tutorials page learn more about GT!

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