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Modern Graphic User Interface Platform


Coherent UI 2 has powerful performance and debugging tools. It empowers hundreds of game developers to create interactive game UI. The smooth and natural workflow takes game development to the next level. Create stunning game UI through one of the most innovative platforms on the market.

Coherent UI 2 is a leading solution for displaying content in an in-game browser. It is pre-integrated with Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D and can be easily integrated with in-house solutions.


Experience fast pixel-perfect rendering

Our solution offers fast pixel-perfect rendering, including curves, fonts, antialiasing and transparency.

Shorten time-to-market

Coherent UI 2 enables you to use any HTML/CSS libraries, frameworks, and templates. Get easily started with our comprehensive UI tutorial and create your prototype faster than ever before!

Integrate an in-game browser

Coherent UI 2 gives you the opportunity to display any web content in your application. Use the advanced binding and scripting features to easily live-edit and modify the existing web pages.

Create vector and resolution independent UI with automatic scaling

Coherent UI 2 comes with a powerful layout and styling engine that will make any UI responsive and adaptable to multiple-resolutions automatically.

Enjoy dynamic workflow through live editing

The live editing function allows you to determine what changes need to be made immediately. See the changes in real time while the application is running.

Take advantage of any visual editor

Coherent UI 2 could be used with any visual editor. Work with the editor your team is familiar with.

Check out a full feature list or our Tutorials page to learn more about UI!

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