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Creating a Healthbar using the Coherent Exporter – Part 2 Data-binding
September 08, 2017 Blog

This tutorial uses our previous post – Creating a Healthbar (Tutorial) as a starting point and describes in details how to add

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Creating a Healthbar
Creating a Healthbar using the Coherent Exporter – Part 1
September 07, 2017 Blog

This tutorial describes how a Healthbar for an FPS HUD screen can be created using Adobe Animate and the Coherent Exporter

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Mobile Strategy Game
How to create a modern Battle deck screen for Mobile Strategy Game?
November 02, 2016 Blog

The strategy game genre is one of the most popular among the mobile game players. Clash of Clans, Game of

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Coherent GT Bindings Tutorial for UE4 Part 1
May 27, 2015 Blog

This tutorial will show you how to setup communication between your game and UI. Check out the video tutorial:  

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Surface Views for Mobile Platforms
February 20, 2014 Blog

Having Coherent UI view on a surface for iOS and Android was probably one of the most requested features of

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