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Hummingbird is an HTML5 rendering library. The Hummingbird runtime (code library) can be embedded in any application on the supported platform and it will render user interfaces authored with standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Hummingbird was born from our experience with Coherent Browser and Coherent GT - both leading solutions for HTML rendering on Desktop and Consoles. We found that in order to support the performance requirements of mobile devices we had to completely re-think the way HTML is rendered. Hummingbird was created from the ground-up with games and real-time applications in mind and is based on proprietary technology. Hummingbird is not a "WebView" and is not based on WebKit/Chromium/Gecko/IE.

Hummingbird allows developers to use modern web technologies to create their user interfaces in mobile and desktop applications. Iteration times are substantially reduced due to the fast work-flow with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Hummingbird has been pre-integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and all the source of the integration plugin is available to Hummingbird and UE4 licensees.

Hummingbird is a browser-like technology. It is light-weigh and very fast, but supports only a subset of all HTML tags and CSS properties, for more information please check Hummingbird documentation.

This documentation requires basic knowledge of both Hummingbird and Unreal Engine 4. For more info on the discussed topics, please refer to the Hummingbird documentation. and the Unreal Engine Documentation.