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ACohtmlGameHUD Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual COHTMLPLUGIN_API void PostInitializeComponents () override
virtual COHTMLPLUGIN_API void DrawHUD () override
COHTMLPLUGIN_API class UCohtmlHUDGetCohtmlHUD () const
COHTMLPLUGIN_API void SetupView (const FString &PageUrl, bool bEnableComplexCSSSupport=true, bool bDelayedUpdate=false)
const FIntPoint GetInputPadding ()

Protected Attributes


Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawHUD()

virtual COHTMLPLUGIN_API void ACohtmlGameHUD::DrawHUD ( )

Primary draw call for the HUD

◆ GetCohtmlHUD()

COHTMLPLUGIN_API class UCohtmlHUD* ACohtmlGameHUD::GetCohtmlHUD ( ) const

Obtains a pointer to the underlying Gameface HUD