JavaScript DOM Events

This table lists all JavaScript events and whether they are supported.

Event Name Specification Event Type Supported
abort DOM L3 UIEvent
abort Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent YES
abort IndexedDB Event
afterprint HTML5 Event
animationend CSS Animations AnimationEvent YES
animationiteration CSS Animations AnimationEvent
animationstart CSS Animations AnimationEvent
appinstalled Web App Manifest Event
audioprocess Web Audio API AudioProcessingEvent
audioend Web Speech API Event
audiostart Web Speech API Event
beforeprint HTML5 Event
beforeunload HTML5 BeforeUnloadEvent
beginEvent SVG TimeEvent
blur DOM L3 FocusEvent YES
boundary Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
cached Offline Event
canplay HTML5 media Event
canplaythrough HTML5 media Event
change DOM L2, HTML5 Event
chargingchange Battery status Event
chargingtimechange Battery status Event
checking Offline Event
click DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
close WebSocket Event
compositionend DOM L3 CompositionEvent
compositionstart DOM L3 CompositionEvent
compositionupdate DOM L3 CompositionEvent
contextmenu HTML5 MouseEvent
copy Clipboard ClipboardEvent
cut Clipboard ClipboardEvent
dblclick DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
devicechange Media Capture and Streams Event
devicelight Ambient Light Events DeviceLightEvent
devicemotion Device Orientation Events DeviceMotionEvent
deviceorientation Device Orientation Events DeviceOrientationEvent
deviceproximity Proximity Events DeviceProximityEvent
dischargingtimechange Battery status Event
DOMActivate DOM L3 UIEvent
DOMAttributeNameChanged DOM L3 Removed MutationNameEvent
DOMAttrModified DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMCharacterDataModified DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMContentLoaded HTML5 Event
DOMElementNameChanged DOM L3 Removed MutationNameEvent
DOMFocusIn Unimplemented DOM L3 FocusEvent
DOMFocusOut Unimplemented DOM L3 FocusEvent
DOMNodeInserted DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMNodeRemoved DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMNodeRemovedFromDocument DOM L3 MutationEvent
DOMSubtreeModified DOM L3 MutationEvent
downloading Offline Event
drag HTML5 DragEvent
dragend HTML5 DragEvent
dragenter HTML5 DragEvent
dragleave HTML5 DragEvent
dragover HTML5 DragEvent
dragstart HTML5 DragEvent
drop HTML5 DragEvent
durationchange HTML5 media Event YES
emptied HTML5 media Event
end Web Speech API Event
end Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
ended HTML5 media Event YES
ended Web Audio API Event
endEvent SVG TimeEvent
error DOM L3 UIEvent
error Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent
error Offline Event
error WebSocket Event
error Server Sent Events Event
error IndexedDB Event
error Web Speech API Event
error Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisErrorEvent
finish Web Animations YES
focus DOM L3 FocusEvent YES
focusin DOM L3 FocusEvent YES
focusout DOM L3 FocusEvent YES
fullscreenchange Full Screen Event
fullscreenerror Full Screen Event
gamepadconnected Gamepad GamepadEvent YES
gamepaddisconnected Gamepad GamepadEvent YES
gotpointercapture Pointer Events PointerEvent
hashchange HTML5 HashChangeEvent
lostpointercapture Pointer Events PointerEvent
input HTML5 Event
change HTML5 Event
invalid HTML5 Event
keydown DOM L3 KeyboardEvent YES
keypress DOM L3 KeyboardEvent YES
keyup DOM L3 KeyboardEvent YES
languagechange HTML 5.1 Event
levelchange Battery status Event
load DOM L3 UIEvent YES
load Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent
loadeddata HTML5 media Event
loadedmetadata HTML5 media Event
loadend Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent
loadstart Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent
mark Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
message WebSocket MessageEvent
message Web Workers MessageEvent
message Web Messaging MessageEvent
message Server Sent Events MessageEvent
mousedown DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mouseenter DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mouseleave DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mousemove DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mouseout DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mouseover DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
mouseup DOM L3 MouseEvent YES
nomatch Web Speech API SpeechRecognitionEvent
notificationclick Notifications API NotificationEvent
noupdate Offline Event
obsolete Offline Event
offline HTML5 offline Event
online HTML5 offline Event
open WebSocket Event
open Server Sent Events Event
orientationchange Screen Orientation Event
pagehide HTML5 PageTransitionEvent
pageshow HTML5 PageTransitionEvent
paste Clipboard ClipboardEvent
pause HTML5 media Event
pause Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
pointercancel Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerdown Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerenter Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerleave Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerlockchange Pointer Lock Event
pointerlockerror Pointer Lock Event
pointermove Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerout Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerover Pointer Events PointerEvent
pointerup Pointer Events PointerEvent
play HTML5 media Event
playing HTML5 media Event
popstate HTML5 PopStateEvent YES
progress Progress and XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent
progress Offline ProgressEvent
push Push API PushEvent
pushsubscriptionchange Push API PushEvent
ratechange HTML5 media Event
readystatechange HTML5 and XMLHttpRequest Event YES
repeatEvent SVG TimeEvent
reset DOM L2, HTML5 Event
resize DOM L3 UIEvent YES
resourcetimingbufferfull Resource Timing Performance
result Web Speech API SpeechRecognitionEvent
resume Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
scroll DOM L3 UIEvent
seeked HTML5 media Event
seeking HTML5 media Event
select DOM L3 UIEvent
selectstart Selection API Event
selectionchange Selection API Event
show HTML5 MouseEvent
slotchange DOM Event
soundend Web Speech API Event
soundstart Web Speech API Event
speechend Web Speech API Event
speechstart Web Speech API Event
stalled HTML5 media Event
start Web Speech API Event
start Web Speech API SpeechSynthesisEvent
storage Web Storage StorageEvent
submit DOM L2, HTML5 Event
success IndexedDB Event
suspend HTML5 media Event
SVGResize SVG SVGEvent
SVGScroll SVG SVGEvent
SVGUnload SVG SVGEvent
SVGZoom SVG SVGZoomEvent
timeout XMLHttpRequest ProgressEvent YES
timeupdate HTML5 media Event
touchcancel Touch Events TouchEvent
touchend Touch Events TouchEvent YES
touchmove Touch Events TouchEvent YES
touchstart Touch Events TouchEvent YES
transitionend CSS Transitions TransitionEvent YES
unload DOM L3 UIEvent
updateready Offline Event
userproximity Proximity Sensor UserProximityEvent
voiceschanged Web Speech API Event
visibilitychange Page visibility Event
volumechange HTML5 media Event YES
waiting HTML5 media Event
wheel DOM L3 WheelEvent YES