CSS Properties

The following table lists all CSS properties, their statistical occurrences across the web and whether they are supported.

Support for general CSS features:

  • The !important declaration is supported.
  • CSS variables support
    • Not supported within @keyframe definitions
    • Fallback values not supported
  • CSS calc() support
    • Not supported within @keyframe definitions
    • Mixing % and other dimensional units is not supported (e.g. 50% - 20px)
Property Statistical Occurrence CSS Feature Current status Animatable Notes
@keyframes N/A CSS3 Animations YES
@font-face N/A CSS3 Fonts YES To control rasterisation use coh-font-sdf: off/on/auto;
Absolute Layout N/A Visual Layout YES
align-content 0.76% PARTIAL stretch (default), flex-start, flex-end and center
align-items 10.44% CSS3 Flexbox PARTIAL stretch (default), flex-start, flex-end and center
align-self 0.75% PARTIAL auto (default), stretch, flex-start, flex-end and center
alignment-baseline 0.11%
all 0.01%
animation 0.75% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-delay 0.09% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-direction 0.03% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-duration 0.20% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-fill-mode 0.16% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-iteration-count 0.10% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-name 0.20% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-play-state 0.03% CSS3 Animations YES
animation-timing-function 0.13% CSS3 Animations YES
backface-visibility 9.52% CSS3 Transforms
background 82.08% CSS3 Backgrounds YES
background-attachment 8.29% CSS Background
background-blend-mode 0.08%
background-clip 25.26% CSS3 Backgrounds
background-color 88.40% CSS Background PARTIAL YES Limited color names
background-image 81.18% CSS3 Backgrounds YES
background-origin 6.23% CSS3 Backgrounds
background-position 77.88% CSS3 Backgrounds PARTIAL YES Offsets are not supported
background-position-x 5.81% CSS3 Backgrounds PARTIAL YES Offsets are not supported
background-position-y 6.05% CSS3 Backgrounds PARTIAL YES Offsets are not supported
background-repeat 76.50% CSS3 Backgrounds PARTIAL Space is not supported
background-repeat-x 0.03% CSS3 Backgrounds
background-repeat-y 0.04% CSS3 Backgrounds
background-size 59.78% CSS3 Backgrounds YES YES
baseline-shift 0.09%
border 90.21% Visual Layout PARTIAL Only solid
border-bottom 76.18% Visual Layout PARTIAL Only solid
border-bottom-color 47.17% CSS Border YES YES Limited color names
border-bottom-left-radius 44.95% CSS3 Rounded Corners YES YES
border-bottom-right-radius 44.51% CSS3 Rounded Corners YES YES
border-bottom-style 14.81% PARTIAl Only solid
border-bottom-width 39.00% Visual Layout YES YES
border-collapse 63.49% CSS3 Rounded Corners
border-color 71.02% Visual Layout YES YES limited color names
border-image 3.60% CSS3 Border PARTIAL space repeat mode is not supported, multiple images are not supported
border-image-outset 0.55% CSS3 Border YES
border-image-repeat 0.55% CSS3 Border YES space repeat mode is not supported
border-image-slice 0.77% CSS3 Border YES
border-image-source 0.26% CSS3 Border YES
border-image-width 0.62% CSS3 Border YES
border-left 69.24% Visual Layout PARTIAL Only solid
border-left-color 36.69% CSS Border YES YES Limited color names
border-left-style 12.29% PARTIAL Only solid
border-left-width 34.88% Visual Layout YES YES
border-radius 70.21% CSS3 Rounded Corners YES YES
border-right 69.78% Visual Layout PARTIAL Only solid
border-right-color 39.64% CSS Border YES YES Limited color names
border-right-style 9.25% CSS Border PARTIAL Only solid
border-right-width 39.18% Visual Layout YES YES
border-spacing 56.00% CSS Table
border-style 60.37% CSS Border PARTIAL Only solid, none, hidden
border-top 75.22% Visual Layout PARTIAL Only solid
border-top-color 49.48% CSS Border YES YES Limited color names
border-top-left-radius 46.00% CSS3 Rounded Corners YES YES
border-top-right-radius 46.16% CSS3 Rounded Corners YES YES
border-top-style 15.00% CSS Border PARTIAL Only solid
border-top-width 39.09% Visual Layout YES YES
border-width 65.34% CSS Border YES YES
bottom 71.36% Visual Layout YES YES
Box Layout N/A Visual Layout PARTIAL
box-shadow 65.39% CSS3 Shadow YES YES Only inherit is not implemented
box-sizing 66.93% CSS3 User Interface
buffered-rendering 0.04%
caption-side 4.17%
caret-color N/A CSS Basic UI Module YES PARTIAL Animation supports only color values (keywords like auto and currentcolor won't be interpolated)
clear 74.68% CSS Float
clip 36.45% CSS Clipping
clip-path 0.08% CSS Clipping YES YES Only basic shapes
clip-rule 0.11% CSS Clipping
color 86.87% CSS Colors PARTIAL YES Limited color names
color-interpolation 0.05%
color-interpolation-filters 0.05%
color-rendering 0.05%
column-fill 0.00% CSS3 Multiple columns
contain CSS Containment YES
content 68.04% PARTIAL NO none, normal, <string>
counter-increment 6.79%
counter-reset 6.64%
cursor 83.00% YES The ViewListener::OnCursorChanged API notifies of runtime cursor changes.
cx 0.00%
cy 0.00%
direction 38.47% CSS Text
display 89.65% Visual Layout PARTIAL flex
dominant-baseline 0.11%
empty-cells 4.42%
enable-background 0.02% CSS3 Backgrounds
fill 13.90%
fill-opacity 2.97%
fill-rule 0.19%
filter 23.11% CSS3 Filters PARTIAL YES Cannot use url for svg filter. All other filters are working.
flex 11.02% CSS3 Flexbox YES Currently does not work correctly together with text-align.
Flex basis with value content is not supported. Resolving of flex basis auto may fallback to resolving as content if used next to sibling elements with basis in percentages, so this case should be handled with caution.
flex-basis 1.02% CSS3 Flexbox Supported only as a part of the flex shorthand.
flex-direction 3.39% CSS3 Flexbox YES
flex-flow 4.42% CSS3 Flexbox
flex-grow 7.54% CSS3 Flexbox Supported only as a part of the flex shorthand.
flex-shrink 1.18% Supported only as a part of the flex shorthand.
flex-wrap 1.25% CSS3 Flexbox YES
Flexbox Layout N/A Visual Layout YES
float 83.86% Visual Layout
flood-color 0.04%
flood-opacity 0.04%
font 63.63% CSS Text YES No support for system keywords e.g. caption, icon, menu...
font-family 85.72% CSS3 Fonts YES Font families are always returned with enclosing quotes
coh-font-fit-mode NA Custom cohtml YES Allows fitting text within a container by automatically changing the size. Please refer to the documentation for more details.
font-kerning 0.25% CSS3 Fonts
font-size 90.54% CSS Font PARTIAL YES Supported units are pixels, em, rem, vw, vh
font-size-adjust 0.00%
font-stretch 2.41% CSS3 Fonts
font-style 67.82% CSS3 Fonts YES
font-variant 23.13% CSS Font
font-variant-ligatures 0.10%
font-weight 87.31% CSS3 Fonts YES
glyph-orientation-horizontal 0.04%
glyph-orientation-vertical 0.04%
Grid Layout N/A Visual Layout
grid-area 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-auto-columns 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-auto-flow 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-auto-rows 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-column 0.00%
grid-column-end 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-column-start 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-row 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-row-end 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-row-start 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-template 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-template-areas 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-template-columns 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
grid-template-rows 0.00% CSS3 Grid Layout
height 91.28% Visual Layout YES YES Percent % units for inline images are not supported
image-rendering 2.70% CSS3 Backgrounds YES crisp-edges and pixelated produce the same result
isolation 0.04% YES
justify-content 10.26% CSS3 Flexbox PARTIAL flex-start (default), flex-end, center, space-between, space-around
justify-items 0.00%
justify-self 0.00%
left 82.27% Visual Layout YES YES
letter-spacing 43.94% CSS Text YES YES
lighting-color 0.04%
line-height 79.69% CSS Text YES YES
list-style 65.98% CSS List
list-style-image 13.28%
list-style-position 14.73%
list-style-type 55.75% CSS List
margin 91.78% Visual Layout YES YES
margin-bottom 78.23% Visual Layout YES YES
margin-left 79.11% Visual Layout YES YES
margin-right 77.86% Visual Layout YES YES
margin-top 85.36% Visual Layout YES YES
marker 0.01%
marker-end 0.05%
marker-mid 0.05%
marker-start 0.05%
mask 0.19% CSS3 Backgrounds PARTIAL
mask-clip 0.04% CSS Clipping PARTIAL Only border-box
mask-image 3.80% CSS Clipping PARTIAL Only for pngs with alpha channel, multiple images are not supported
mask-position 0.88% CSS3 Backgrounds YES YES
mask-repeat 1.34% CSS3 Clipping PARTIAL Space is not supported
mask-size 2.75% CSS3 Clipping YES YES
mask-source-type 0.00%
mask-type 0.06%
matrix(n,n,n,n,n,n) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
matrix3d N/A CSS3 Transforms YES
max-height 60.85% Visual Layout PARTIAL YES none value is not supported
max-width 70.54% Visual Layout PARTIAL YES none value is not supported
max-zoom 0.00% CSS3 Zoom
min-height 66.57% Visual Layout YES YES
min-width 67.65% Visual Layout YES YES
min-zoom 0.00% CSS3 Zoom
mix-blend-mode 0.05% YES Certain properties that would normally cause elements to establish a stacking context and act as a backdrop for the blend are currently not treated as such. One example is the transform property. In case you need a specific visual effect, you can achieve that by explicitly specifying the isolation: isolate property on the element that you wish to be the backdrop for the blend.
Note: The non-standard "additive" blend mode is available for additive blending (also known as "linear dodge")
Warning: When using this property on elements with perspective transformation, the graphics API must support linear ("noperspective") interpolation.
object-fit 0.34%
object-position 0.09%
opacity 83.60% CSS Opacity YES YES
order 7.97% CSS3 Flexbox
orientation 0.00%
orphans 14.68%
outline 69.85% CSS Outline
outline-color 16.25% CSS3 User Interface
outline-offset 14.58% CSS3 User Interface
outline-style 14.89% CSS3 User Interface
outline-width 14.25% CSS3 User Interface
overflow 86.29% Visual Layout YES Absolute positioned elements inside overflowing containers are clipped by them is overflow!=visible; This is different than the very confusing default behavior of HTML where absolutely positioned element pop-out of static ancestors with scrolling.
overflow-wrap 5.86% YES
overflow-x 47.20% Visual Layout YES
overflow-y 54.50% Visual Layout YES
padding 91.26% Visual Layout YES YES
padding-bottom 74.26% Visual Layout YES YES
padding-left 77.34% Visual Layout YES YES
padding-right 75.42% Visual Layout YES YES
padding-top 78.17% Visual Layout YES YES
page 0.13%
page-break-after 8.68%
page-break-before 1.07%
page-break-inside 8.89%
paint-order 0.04%
perspective 4.93% CSS3 Transforms YES
perspective-origin 5.12% CSS3 Transforms YES Use standard syntax
perspective(n) N/A CSS3 Transforms
pointer-events 41.66% CSS Pointer YES (no SVG-specific) auto, none, inherit
position 89.40% Visual Layout PARTIAL relative, absolute, fixed (partial support for nested fixed positioned contexts)
quotes 19.55%
resize 28.31% CSS3 User Interface
right 80.02% Visual Layout YES YES
rotate(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
rotate3d(x,y,z,angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
rotateX(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
rotateY(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
rotateZ(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
rx 0.01%
ry 0.01%
scale(x,y) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scale3d(x,y,z) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scaleX(n) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scaleX(x) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scaleY(n) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scaleY(y) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scaleZ(z) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
scroll-behavior 0.00%
scroll-blocks-on 0.00%
shape-image-threshold 0.04%
shape-margin 0.04%
shape-outside 0.04%
shape-rendering 0.36%
size 0.90%
skew(x-angle,y-angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms
skewX(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES
skewY(angle) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES
speak 8.69% Accessibility
src 32.91%
stop-color 0.43%
stop-opacity 0.24%
stroke 4.75%
stroke-dasharray 0.32%
stroke-dashoffset 0.13%
stroke-linecap 0.29%
stroke-linejoin 0.22%
stroke-miterlimit 0.15%
stroke-opacity 0.48%
stroke-width 3.80%
tab-size 0.55%
table-layout 35.02% CSS Table
text-align 89.11% CSS Font YES
text-align-last 0.00% CSS3 Text
text-anchor 0.28%
text-decoration 81.30% CSS Text
text-decoration-color 0.00%
text-decoration-line 0.00%
text-decoration-style 0.00%
text-indent 61.64% CSS Text
text-justify 0.00% CSS3 Text
text-line-through-color 0.0001
text-line-through-mode 0.00%
text-line-through-style 0.00%
text-line-through-width 0.00%
text-overflow 60.27% CSS3 Text PARTIAL NO Only clip and ellipsis for generic text. Input fields don't support this property. Note that the ellipsis character must be available in the used fonts for this property to work.
text-overline-color 0.00%
text-overline-mode 0.00%
text-overline-style 0.00%
text-overline-width 0.00%
text-rendering 18.00%
text-shadow 62.19% CSS3 Shadow YES YES
text-stroke 0.72% YES YES
text-stroke-color 0.29% YES YES
text-stroke-width 0.68% YES YES
text-transform 58.67% CSS Text YES NO Requires implementing the cohtml::ITextTransformationManager interface - please check the documentation for more details.
text-underline-color 0.00%
text-underline-position 0.00%
text-underline-style 0.00%
text-underline-width 0.00%
top 88.30% Visual Layout YES YES
touch-action 3.18%
touch-action-delay 0.00%
transform 41.96% CSS3 Transforms YES YES
transform-origin 23.16% CSS3 Transforms PARTIAL YES Missing support for z-offset.
transform-style 3.55% CSS3 Transforms YES YES
transition 53.01% CSS3 Transitions YES NO
transition-delay 11.52% CSS3 Transitions YES NO
transition-duration 11.85% CSS3 Transitions YES NO
transition-property 11.40% CSS3 Transitions YES NO
transition-timing-function 9.35% CSS3 Transitions YES NO
translate(x,y) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translate3d(x,y,z) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translateX(n) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translateX(x) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translateY(n) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translateY(y) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
translateZ(z) N/A CSS3 Transforms YES YES
unicode-bidi 18.96% CSS3 Fonts
unicode-range 12.34% CSS3 Fonts
user-select 54.26% CSS Selection Partial none by default! Missing support for all
user-zoom 0.00% CSS3 Zoom
vector-effect 0.05%
vertical-align 77.72% Visual Layout
visibility 78.58% Visual Layout YES YES collapse is not supported
white-space 73.63% CSS Text Partial Only normal, nowrap, pre and pre-wrap are supported
widows 8.05%
width 93.58% Visual Layout YES YES Percent % units for inline images are not supported
will-change 1.85%
word-break 26.33% CSS3 Text
word-spacing 19.37% CSS Text
word-wrap 55.34% CSS3 Text
writing-mode 0.36%
x 0.01%
y 0.01%
z-index 78.44% Visual Layout YES YES
zoom 56.55% CSS3 Zoom