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- Public Member Functions inherited from Document
Comment createComment (DOMString data)
 Creates a new comment node. More...
NodeIterator createNodeIterator (Node root, optional unsigned long whatToShow=0xFFFFFFFF, optional NodeFilter? filter=null)
Attr createAttribute (DOMString localName)
Attr createAttributeNS (DOMString? namespace, DOMString qualifiedName)
 Create new attribute node with an associated namespace. More...
Node importNode (Node node, optional boolean deep=false)
 Creates a new copy of the specified Node or DocumentFragment from another document so that it can be inserted into the current Document. More...
Node createElement (CSSString tagName)
 Create a new node. More...
DocumentFragment createDocumentFragment ()
 Create new DocumentFragment. More...
Node createElementNS (CSSString ns, CSSString tagName)
CustomElementConstructor registerElement (DOMString type, optional ElementRegistrationOptions options)
 Registers a custom element with the Custom Elements V0 API (deprecated) More...
Node createTextNode ([Default=Undefined] optional DOMString data)
 Creates a new Text node. More...
Event createEvent (CSSString eventType)
 Create a new event. More...
NodeList getElementsByName ([Default=Undefined] optional DOMString elementName)
 Get all nodes with a certain name. More...
NodeList getElementsByTagName (DOMString localName)
 Get all nodes with a certain tag. More...
Element getElementById (DOMString elementId)
 Get a element by its Id. More...
void write (DOMString markup)
 Writes a string of text to a document stream opened by document.open() More...
boolean hasFocus ()
 Indicating whether the document or any element inside the document has focus. More...
NodeList getElementsByClassName (DOMString classNames)
 Get all nodes with a certain class. More...
Element elementFromPoint (float x, float y)
 Returns topmost element at the position. More...
sequence< ElementelementsFromPoint (float x, float y)
 Returns array of elements at the position. More...
Element querySelector (DOMString selectors)
NodeList querySelectorAll (DOMString selectors)
Selection getSelection ()
 Returns a Selection object representing the range of text selected by the user, or the current position of the caret. More...
CaretPosition caretPositionFromPoint (float x, float y)
 Returns a CaretPosition object containing the DOM node containing the caret, and caret's character offset within that node. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Node
Node removeChild (Node oldChild)
 remove a child node More...
Node appendChild (Node newChild)
 append a node as a child More...
Node replaceChild (Node newChild, Node oldChild)
 replace oldChild with newChild More...
Node insertBefore (Node node, Node? referenceNode)
 insert a node before the reference node, as a child of the current node More...
Node cloneNode (optional boolean deep=false)
boolean isEqualNode (Node? otherNode)
boolean isSameNode (Node? otherNode)
boolean hasChildNodes ()
boolean contains (Node? other)
DOMString lookupPrefix (DOMString? namespace)
boolean isDefaultNamespace (DOMString? namespace)
void normalize ()
unsigned short compareDocumentPosition (Node other)
Node getRootNode (optional GetRootNodeOptions options)
DOMString lookupNamespaceURI (DOMString? prefix)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventTarget
void addEventListener (DOMInternedString type, EventListener listener, [Default=Undefined] optional boolean useCapture)
void removeEventListener (DOMInternedString type, EventListener listener, [Default=Undefined] optional boolean useCapture)
boolean dispatchEvent (Event event)
- Public Attributes inherited from Document
readonly attribute USVString URL
 Returns the document location as a string. More...
readonly attribute USVString documentURI
 Returns the document location as a string. More...
readonly attribute USVString origin
 Returns the document's origin. More...
readonly attribute DOMString compatMode
 Indicates whether the document is rendered in Quirks mode or Standards mode. More...
readonly attribute DOMString characterSet
 Returns the character encoding of the current document. The character encoding is the character set used for rendering the document, which may be different from the encoding specified by the page. More...
readonly attribute DOMString charset
 historical alias of .characterSet More...
readonly attribute DOMString inputEncoding
 historical alias of .characterSet More...
readonly attribute DOMString contentType
 Returns the MIME type that the document is being rendered as. More...
readonly attribute DocumentType doctype
 Returns the Document Type Declaration (DTD) associated with current document. More...
readonly attribute Element body
 The document body. More...
readonly attribute Element documentElement
 The root element of the document. More...
readonly attribute Window defaultView
 The window object associated with the document. More...
readonly attribute Element head
 The document head element. More...
readonly attribute DOMString readyState
 Describes the loading state of the document (loading/interactive/complete) More...
readonly attribute Element activeElement
 The deepest element in the document through which or to which key events are being routed. This is, roughly speaking, the focused element in the document. More...
readonly attribute HTMLScriptElement currentScript
readonly attribute StyleSheetList styleSheets
attribute EventSetter abort
attribute EventSetter blur
attribute EventSetter click
attribute EventSetter dblclick
attribute EventSetter error
attribute EventSetter focus
attribute EventSetter keydown
attribute EventSetter keypress
attribute EventSetter keyup
attribute EventSetter load
attribute EventSetter mousedown
attribute EventSetter mouseover
attribute EventSetter mouseout
attribute EventSetter mouseenter
attribute EventSetter mouseleave
attribute EventSetter mousemove
attribute EventSetter mouseup
attribute EventSetter input
attribute EventSetter scroll
attribute EventSetter wheel
attribute EventSetter touchstart
attribute EventSetter touchend
attribute EventSetter touchmove
- Public Attributes inherited from Node
readonly attribute DOMString nodeName
attribute DOMString nodeValue
attribute DOMString textContent
readonly attribute unsigned short nodeType
 type of the node More...
readonly attribute Node parentNode
 parent of the node More...
readonly attribute Element parentElement
 parent element of the node. If parent is not an Element, returns null. More...
readonly attribute NodeList childNodes
 list of the children of this node More...
readonly attribute Node firstChild
 the node's first child in the tree, or null if the node is childless More...
readonly attribute Node lastChild
 last child of the node, or null if there are no child elements More...
readonly attribute Node previousSibling
 the node immediately preceding the specified one in its parent's children, or null if the specified node is the first in that list More...
readonly attribute Node nextSibling
 the node immediately following the specified one in its parent's children, or null if the specified node is the last node in that list More...
readonly attribute Document ownerDocument
 The Document object associated with this node. This is also the Document object used to create new nodes. When this node is a Document or a DocumentType which is not used with any Document yet, this is null. More...
readonly attribute USVString baseURI
readonly attribute boolean isConnected
const unsigned short ELEMENT_NODE = 1
const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2
const unsigned short TEXT_NODE = 3
const unsigned short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4
const unsigned short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5
const unsigned short ENTITY_NODE = 6
const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7
const unsigned short COMMENT_NODE = 8
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11
const unsigned short NOTATION_NODE = 12
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED = 0x01
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING = 0x02
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING = 0x04
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS = 0x08
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY = 0x10