Product Overview

Prysm is a game UI middleware. It's powered by the libraries Cohtml (HTML engine) and Renoir (rendering engine). Cohtml is the main component and is responsible for handling the UI's layout and logic. When done, Cohtml sends commands to Renoir for drawing all of the UI's elements. Keep this in mind while reading this documentation.

The Cohtml library was born from our experience with Coherent Browser and Coherent GT - both leading solutions for UI on Desktop and Consoles. We found that in order to support the performance requirements of consoles and mobile devices we had to completely re-think the way we do UI. Cohtml was created from the ground up with games and real-time applications in mind and is based on completely proprietary technology. The runtime can be embedded in any application on the supported platforms.

Prysm allows content creators to work freely in their favorite tools - Adobe CC. Prysm's plugin for Adobe Animate CC generates everything necessary to create UI for desktop, console and mobile applications.

High level view of Prysm