Coherent GT

Cahngelog for Coherent Editor

Version – released 9 October 2017

Enhancement Enhancement: Improved drag and drop operations(drag to create, move or resize elements) in the editor by 150%
Fix Fix: Holding the SHIFT key while resizing adds equal amount of pixels to width and height
Fix Fix: Editor is stuck at opening if widget file is not found
Fix Fix: Transform origin visual guide disappears on rotate
Fix Fix: Published file contains transforms-metadata

Version – released 18 September 2017

Feature Feature: Search filters to the Assets library’s search
Fix Fix: Published file should reference the work file by name only
Fix Fix: Published file don not reference the work file by name
Fix Fix: Text alignment/case/decoration and box shadow modes not working
Fix Fix: Adding keyframes to shared animation doesn’t update all the elements’ animations
Fix Fix: Proper size of mask selection and guides when zooming out
Fix Fix: Mask position in not correct when we using snap tool
Fix Fix: Undo component creation from/with a font deletes the component and element together
Fix Fix: Delayed Filter animation not showing up correctly

Version – released 28 August 2017

Feature Feature: Search bar to the assets library
Feature Feature: Animated only elements filter to the timeline that when enabled shows only the animated elements
Feature Feature: Visual guide for transform origin
Enhancement Enhancement: Element’s name is now editable in the animation panel
Enhancement Enhancement: Improved multi-selection speed by 50%
Enhancement Enhancement: Additional data-binding properties that are now available in the data-binding panel – data-bind-class, data-bind-background-image-url and data-bind-transform2d
Fix Fix: Unable to remove mask from element – button is inactive
Fix Fix: More than one class hides the widget animation class from timeline
Fix Fix: Incorrect position of selection mask when transform origin properties are used
Fix Fix: Prevent elements from nesting into components
Fix Fix: Editing the Class field doesn’t output the class after saving
Fix Fix: Adding border to an element shifts the position of the origin point

Version – released 19 July 2017

Enhancement Enhancement: Elements with skew styles are now animatable
Fix Fix: Drop shadow filter not saved to file
Fix Fix: Cannot copy or paste from input fields (Properties panel)
Fix Fix: Custom metadata for filters still present in published files

Version – released 30 June 2017

Enhancement Enhancement: Improved performance of the the Assets library up 15x when a large number (more than 1000) of files are present
Enhancement Enhancement: Improved the initial starting time of the Editor by 4x
Fix Fix: Elements do not get selected when drag-and-dropped from the Assets library

Version – released 16 June 2017

Enhancement Enhancement: Improved Transformations – scale options can now be previewed directly in the viewport
Fix Fix: Incorrect mask position transform when “%” units are used
Fix Fix: Flexbox child primitives have incorrect selection mask
Fix Fix: Output code in attribute data-*eventlistener for paths gets changed
Fix Fix: Running sample in “wrong” environment can still be saved
Fix Fix: Element position not reset after clearing transformations

Version – released 19 May 2017

Fix Fix: Multiple undos in a component/widget throw an error
Fix Fix: Content before “Coherent Editor Start” comment gets deleted after saving
Fix Fix: Numpad ‘.’ is disabled for input fields
Fix Fix: Creating two widgets would hide animation divider indicator

Version – released 28 April 2017

Feature Feature: Auto clean up unnecessary meta-data in published HTML
Enhancement Enhancement: UX – no visible clue if the user sets an ID already used at the scene
Fix Fix: Widgets no longer can be animated
Fix Fix: Nested elements appear on top of each other on creation
Fix Fix: Selecting a css file from the asset library scrolls the pane to the top
Fix Fix: Toggling between absolute and relative position requires a second click
Fix Fix: Toggling between absolute and relative position requires a second click
Fix Fix: No elements displayed in asset manager after scrolling down to the bottom
Fix Fix: html file can be opened multiple times if it’s placed in a folder under uiresources

Version – released 14 April 2017

Fix Fix: Unable to create a widget from element with blend mode
Fix Fix: Creation of elements order
Fix Fix: Component’s element still present in mappedWidgets after undo
Fix Fix: type error when starting the Coherent Editor
Fix Fix: Insert element to the bottom of the hierarchy when nesting

Version – released 26 March 2017

Feature Feature: Convert option for existing widgets to GT components
Fix Fix: Undo/Redo of widget creation would go through no element step
Fix Fix: display inherit save – import doesn’t work properly
Fix Fix: Seperated mask-size properties do not work in Hummingbird configuration
Fix Fix: Insert element to the bottom of the hierarchy when nesting

Version – released 15 Feb 2017

Feature Feature: Widgets saved as GT Components
Enhancement Enhancement: Add box-shadow styles in HB configuration
Fix Fix: Animations are not working for element which name is only numbers
Fix Fix: Disable nesting of image within another image
Fix Fix: Input field – cannot change placeholder
Fix Fix: Incorrect output when setting custom MaskSize
Fix Fix: style.backgroundImage url code changes on added Event on element
Fix Fix: Closing tabs order is incorrect
Fix Fix: Error when opening scenes with same name from different folders
Fix Fix: Comments visible in widget preview panel

Version – released 31 January 2017

Feature Tools: Searchable fonts selection list in Properties panel that provides a stylized preview of imported fonts
Feature Assets: Fonts files (.TTF, .OTF) are included in Assets library
Enhancement UX: Loader screen is displayed when opening files with information about the selected file
Fix Fix: Animation keyframe values for “fontSize : auto” get set to “0auto”
Fix Fix: Setting “Mask-size” property to “inherit” causes invalid output code
Fix Fix: Undo on delete in animations library is not always executed
Fix Fix: Setting width/height to auto – resets to 0 after reopening file
Fix Fix: Background color is being applied twice in Preview mode
Fix Fix: If two scenes have elements with the same ID, they get renamed
Fix Fix: UnityGT – New file default folder is not ‘uiresources’
Fix Fix: Range input – min/max/value/step cannot be changed in the Properties panel
Fix Fix: Cannot input negative values inside Geometry Top/Left input fields
Fix Fix: Geometry propeties are not always updated on Animation scrub

Version – released 21 December 2016

Feature Tools: Blend modes: normal, multiply, screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color-dodge, color-burn, hard-light, soft-light, difference, exclusion, hue, saturation, color, luminosity are now available in GT configuration
Enhancement Publishing: Data about the Editor version and target configuration is now saved in the authored files. When openning files in a different configuration then the current one the Editor offers an option to switch itself to the needed configuration
Fix Fix: The bottom part of the Properties Panel is inaccessible when multiple windows are expanded
Fix Fix: Keyframe icons are not fully rendered when scrolling the timeline
Fix Fix: Animation options tooltip is recreated every click
Fix Fix: Wrong visualisation order of items inside flexbox elements
Fix Fix: Executing Undo/Redo commands on widget creation adds duplicated elements in the animation library

Version – released 5 December 2016

Enhancement Shortcut for removing the currently set mask of an image element
Fix Fix: Changing the scene aspect ratio doesn’t trigger a file change
Fix Fix: Overflow ‘unset’ value is not being applied to an element
Fix Fix: Error displayed in debugger when saving scene on close
Fix Fix: Duplicating single quotes in JavaScript events
Fix Fix: Default background- properties’ values intial initinal are unsupported

Version – released 21 November 2016

Fix Fix: Text properties font size needs double click to become editable
Fix Fix: Creating a widget from animated elements moves its position
Fix Fix: Enabling/disabling Style/Script assets doesn’t trigger a file change
Fix Fix: Element’s width and height can be set to negative values
Fix Fix: Copied elements are no longer offset from their source element
Fix Fix: Widget turns visible when display is set to none
Fix Fix: The editor stops responsing when adding text to a responsive image which is a child of a flexbox
Fix Fix: Transform keyframes are not properly saved when publishing
Fix Fix: Assets library disappears when including external CSS files
Fix Fix: Canceling Mask image or Image Url (Browse) deletes the element
Fix Fix: Keyframes create/delete/undo operations break on closed lower panel
Fix Fix: Including more than one CSS file creates additional link tags

Version – released 4 November 2016

Feature Tools: Publish mode that allows a final page to be exported for production. The exported page has no inline styles and uses classes instead for ids which results in a cleaner code and faster performance
Feature Tools: New tools available in Hummingbid configuration – mask, background postion and svg images
Fix Fix: Adding images to the scene creates elements without source
Fix Fix: Using images from folders nestes several levels deep have incorrect path

Version – released 1 November 2016

Fix Fix: Double clicking HTML documents in the UE4 content browser opens them automatically in the Coherent Editor
Fix Fix: The rotation mode inside of the viewport of the Editor cannot be activated in UE4

Version 1.5.2 – released 11 October 2016

Feature Tools: Transform properties scale, translation, skew and rotation per axis are now avaible in the properties panel
Feature Backend: The Editor can work with multi-level folder structure
Enhancement Performance: Improved timeline scrubbing performance by 60%
Enhancement Workspace: Enhanced Assets library scroll behavior
Enhancement Workspace: Preserve the positioning of nested elements
Enhancement Workspace: Titles loading screen of the Editor with version information
Fix Fix: Input values remain unconverted when switched to pt
Fix Fix: Code editing save shortcut not working
Fix Fix: Element values saved according to timeline marker position
Fix Fix: Element IDs “lost” after reopening file
Fix Fix: Manual move/resize of element sets too precise values
Fix Fix: Scenes are duplicated on creation
Fix Fix: CSS styles from external styles.css interfere with Editor styles
Fix Fix: Widget mask and position are wrong when created from nested elements
Fix Fix: Pasted widgets are added to the animation of the main composition
Fix Fix: Included css files are not checked in the assets library
Fix Fix: Not updating HTML Hierarchy structure when element is moved
Fix Fix: Adding or changing element Events doesn’t trigger a file change
Fix Fix: Flickering when clicking inside Event’s Code field
Fix Fix: Creating a widget sets its geometry properties too precisely
Fix Fix: Adding a widget to the scene sets its top and left properties in px units
Fix Fix: It’s possible to paste a widget in another widget
Fix Fix: Creating a widget from animated elements moves its position
Fix Fix: Adding an animated widget to the scene disregards the position where it’s dropped
Fix Fix: Widget background color cannot be set
Fix Fix:Flexbox positioning of child elements not working properly

Version 1.5.1 – released 25 August 2016

Feature Animations: Numeric input field for the current position of the pinhead of the timeline
Feature Animations: Auto keyframe generation – keyframes are generated automatically when moving an UI element in the Editor’s viewport
Feature Data binding – data binding ids for the next generation of Coherent GT Binding
Enhancement Platforms: Improved Hummingbird backend. Input UI primitives in Hummingbird configuration.
Fix Fix: Scrub not working for animated webkit-masks
Fix Fix:Property input fields not working properly in Standalone version

Version 1.5.0 – released 12 August 2016

Feature Animations: Full timeline scrubbing. Elements’ states between keyframes are visible when moving the pinhead
Feature Tools: Image masks can be applied to UI elements, resized and animated
Enhancement Animations: Improved Animations library with search and delete tools
Enhancement Workspace: Improved properties panel which keeps its state when selecting different elements
Fix Fix: Backward compatibility with in UE4 enivorment not working for keyframes of nested elements
Fix Fix: Widget’s animation preview not working in some cases
Fix Fix: New file preview animation not working in some cases
Fix Fix: Incorrect animation class added to new elements when reopeing the file
Fix Fix: Improper scene save operation when running in Hummingbird mode

Version 1.4.3 – released 14 July 2016

Feature Workspace: Snap to guides – guides that UI elements automatically snap to when moved in close proximity
Feature Animations: Animations library – animations can be saved as a CSS class and re-used for different UI elements
Enhancement Enhancement: RGB and hex values can be pasted in the color picker panel
Fix Fix: Collapsing the animations panel no longer hides expand arrows
Fix Fix: Pan tool mouse pointer no longer changes when hovering on UI elements
Fix Fix: Undo operation of change widget id works properly now

Version 1.4.2 – released 29 Jun 2016

Feature Workspace: Pan tool. A tool which allows you to pan the viewport of the Editor
Feature Animations: Timeline keyframe navigation. You can navigate to the next/previous/last/first keyframes on the timeline
Enhancement Workspace: Improved zoom options of the viewport of the Editor
Enhancement Workspace: Copy and paste – UI elements can be copied and pasted in the scene
Fix Fix: Elements are no longer reselected when moving out of the viewport over the Hierarchy panel
Fix Fix: Photoshop sliced HTML pages can be properly imported when running the Editor in Hummingbird configuration

Version 1.4.1 – released 9 Jun 2016

Feature Assets: Assets library – a library that provides easy access to all the imported assets in the scene – video, image, widgets, scripts, css, etc.
Feature Assets: PSD and TGA images files can be imported
Enhancement Tools: Enhanced filters panel – box shadow filter and numeric input is available for filters
Fix Fix: * selectors in external CSS files can no longer affect the interface of the Editor

Version 1.4.0 – released 19 May 2016

Feature Animations: New endless animation preview mode of the timeline that allows animation to be played indefinitely
Feature Platforms: The Coherent Editor can now run in Hummingbird configuration
Enhancement Workspace: Scene properties panel – all scene properties are now accessible in a dedicated panel
Enhancement UX – Positioning keyboard shortcuts. UI elements can be moved via keyboard arrow keys
Enhancement Widgets: Improved widget creation. Widgets can be created from a single UI Element
Enhancement UX: Preferences menu. Editor preferences such as target configuration and assets import can now be set via a dedicated menu
Enhancement UX: Undo/redo keyboard shorcuts
Enhancement UX: Proportional scaling keyboard shortcuts
Fix Fix: Box shadow colour is no longer set to black on reset
Fix Fix: Font style and weight are no longer reset to inherit on reopening the HTML
Fix Fix: Geometry fields no longer turn to auto after the first play of the animation

Version 1.3.5 – released 7 April 2016

Feature Responsive images: Images that resize automatically on any screen resolution
Feature Live views: Stream the feed from a camera in your game directly in the UI
Feature Animations: Animation transitions – different transition timing options can now be selected (linear, ease, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out)
Feature Data localization ids: Localizations ids for UI elements can be set directly in the Editor
Feature Image spritesheets: image atlases can now be used directly in Editor
Feature Animations: Animation repeat option – specifies how many times a specific animation should play
Enhancement Platforms: Improved Editor integration in Unity 3D – the Coherent Editor can be started directly from the Unity 3D Editor and UI scenes can be saved and edited in the Unity project
Enhancement UX: Improved usability of widgets, elements selection, properties and animation panel
Fix Fix: Crash when a great number of different widgets are added

Version 1.3.0 – released 20 March 2016

Feature Live views: Stream the feed from a camera in your game directly in the UI
Feature Animations: Visual timeline panel that allows you to add animations and edit their keyframes visually
Feature Assets: Direct import from Photoshop sliced HTML pages
Feature Workspace: The Editor can now work in Preview mode that shows external CSS styles and animations
Enhancement Widgets: Reusable UI prefabs can now be created
Fix Fix: Pressing enter key in the events input fields no longer reloads the properties panel

Version 1.2.0 – released 19 November 2015

Feature Tools: Multi-element select in the Editor’s viewport
Fix Fix: Borders no longer move the elements downwards and to the right
Fix Fix: In some cases closing a file tab in the editor may lead to ‘blank’ editor

Version 1.1.0 – released 5 November 2015

Feature Assets: The UI scenes cane be saved as a standard HTML document and previewed in a browser
Feature Assets: Video elements can now be imported and added to the scene
Enhancement Tools: Improved properties panel -“z-index” and “overflow” properties are now available