. Coherent Labs

From Remedy and Sam Lake, the creative powers behind Quantum Break and the Max Payne series comes a new game where everyday reality is unlike anything we know. Control premiered at E3 this year and quickly became one of the most anticipated titles for 2019.

Coherent Labs and Remedy joined forces in late 2016. At that time, they were looking for a UI solution that could be the stronger alternative to their old in-house UI technology. Our products were undeniably the best choice on the market for them. They were particularly fond of how easy integrating our middleware was and how much power it gave to their own front-end technology.

Coherent’s technology allowed them to make live iterations on the UI while the game is still running, which is one unique feature of our software. In turn, this allows Remedy to save time and fit within schedule. They can also rely on us to provide them with the best tool for their team and project. Through our development process, we always make sure that the technology remains the fastest and works at an optimal level.

Our partnership on the code-named P7, now officially Control, began in August 2017, and all of the UI in the game would be created using Coherent technology. But we are sure you want to know more about the game itself, right? Control is a third-person action-adventure shooter where you play as Jesse Faden, a woman with a dark mystery in her past. Her story begins as the new Director of the US Federal Bureau of Control, the agency that investigates and deals with supernatural phenomena.

You begin your journey at the Oldest House, the stark and brutalist-inspired headquarters of the Bureau. Inspired by New Weird, a subgenre of sci-fi that deals with the unexplainable, the House is a complex, unpredictable world. Unlike previous games, Remedy wants to offer a lot less linear experience for players, with secrets and side-quests to find around every corner.

Control also focuses much more on gameplay than previous games. You can unlock and upgrade supernatural abilities so that you have an individual approach to combat. As the Director, you are also the owner of the Service Weapon, an ancient gun that you can customize and develop according to your needs.

The creators wanted to keep the Remedy weirdness their fans love, but also try something new. Instead of building the game around the character as they usually did, this time they first started with creating a world that the players would want to go back to and develop the story from there. You are the one who decides where this world would take you...or are you?

The game is going to come out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. We cannot wait until 2019 to regain Control, can you?

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