. Coherent Labs

Crayta is the universe where everyone can create, share, and discover UGC games easily. Described as a collaborative game creation platform, this game knows no boundaries when it comes to creating new games and experiences. With Crayta, you can use your creativity to create your own multiplayer game to enjoy with others or choose from an ever-growing number of user-generated games.

Crayta is currently available on Google Stadia and PC.

Unit 2 Games have been working with Coherent Labs for a few years now - during this time, they have leveraged Coherent Gameface in the UI creation of Crayta. They have shared some of their thoughts on working with Coherent Labs: "We’ve been working with Coherent Labs and Gameface as our UI solution on our game Crayta for over 3 years. Coherent has been a very supportive partner, both pre and post launch working with us on difficult requirements/use cases that are unique to our UGC-powered game, as well as doing deep dives with us on technical issues.

Gameface allows our UI and UX developers to lean on their existing HTML and CSS skills to bring their vision to fruition quickly, easily, and independently. Gameface has evolved rapidly since we initially incorporated it, considering the volume of functionality it supports, it’s an efficient and mature UI solution which has worked out really well for us."