. Coherent Labs

If you are looking for intense action that combines strategic planning and customization, Dropzone by Sparkypants Studios LLC is your game of choice. In explosive 15-minute matches against other mercenaries and elite military, you have the chance to show your ability in controlling squads of up to 3 highly-specialized battle Rigs.

The game allows you to choose from five classes of Rigs: Tank, Gunner, Mechanic, Sniper, and Summoner. Each one comes with three unique pilots with class-specific abilities and stat boosting gear.

You can even choose between different game modes, including competitive 1v1, 2v2, and Team 3v3 battles. Other options given to you by the game are PvP and PvE, as well as custom maps, single player gameplay against AI and a cooperative wave-based Infestation mode.

The Coherent technology, used in the game UI, lets you customize and choose from hundreds of Gear options, which gives your Rigs both active and passive abilities.

The user interface of the game and its dynamic replay system also lets you watch Dropzone matches live and learn from the strategies and skills of the top players.

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You can check the game on Steam and on the official the official Dropzone website.