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The award-winning space combat game Fractured Space by Edge Case Games Ltd. enables you to become the captain of a specialized galactic fleet and to fight against other teams for dominance.

The game lets you play in different modes like solo in PvE, co-op Quick Play, and 5-v-5 PvP. You can choose your class and customize your weapon loadouts and as you gain more experience, you will be able to command more ships and earn credits to add them to your fleet.

Even though the game has a typical MOBA appearance at first glance, it has many specific features that make it unique. One of them is that there is not a single map: the lanes are separated into two long ‘sectors’ each self-contained.

There are also no AI helpers, nor towers to interfere with your strategy. It’s just your fleet against the enemy’s, which gives you a cleaner battlefield. Another advantage of the game’s design is that it is not viewed from the top-down and makes full use of the 3D space.

Combining the intensity of a shooter and carefully timed tactics, Fractured Space is on the way of becoming an exciting new frontier for the genre. As PCGamesN says, “…the final product may well be one of the best space combat games ever made”.

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You can check the game on Steam and on the official the official Dropzone website.