. Coherent Labs

From Counterplay Games comes the highly anticipated Godfall. Highly concentrated on combat, this action role-playing game captivates with its immersive visuals and intense melee-style battles. It takes its players on a high fantasy journey filled with valiant warriors and eerie enemies. The game is currently available on PC and PlayStation®5.

Counterplay Games have been working with Coherent Labs since 2019, specifically for the Godfall project. Based on their work with Coherent GT and our team, they have shared the following impressions:

“We chose Coherent because it offers the most fully-featured HTML + Javascript runtime for game UI that works across all major platforms. Furthermore, Coherent made it possible for our team to build a majority of our UI system using React + Redux. This approach enabled us to rapidly iterate on features using a widely supported UI ecosystem that is familiar to most modern UI developers. For us, Coherent's biggest advantage is that it works on all major platforms and that the Coherent team offers great customer support.”