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You are the director of Pandemic Defense and you have to save the world from a pandemic disease! Recruit a team of specialists and deploy them on worldwide missions. Research the nature of the disease and upgrade your technology. Race against the clock and quarantine the outbreak.

This is Quarantine by Sproing, an intense turn-based strategy game, in which you have to save the world from a deadly new pathogen. The game can be considered a counter-Plague Inc., but in Quarantine, you have more depth since the patterns of the game change as you play.

The game is distinguished by its immerse graphics and realistic setting, which helps you go into the atmosphere. Quarantine allows you to form your team from dozens of operatives in four different specializations—Medic, Scientist, Diplomat, and Security.

You have to contain the disease before it spreads and infects the whole globe. The enemy you are fighting against is also evolving and changing, so you have to also upgrade your technology and invent new methods of defeating it...before it kills you.

You can fight against three types of pathogens - virus, bacteria, and prion, each with unique behavior and effects. The game also has three difficulty modes, four leaders, a variety of starting locations, and unpredictable gameplay ensure that no two games are the same.

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You can check the game on Steam and on the official Quarantine website.