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Integrate with your game engine in just a few minutes, using C++ or C#.


Enjoy a natural and smooth workflow.


Save time and resources in implementing your game UI.


  • By using Coherent UI we can have web designers who are well-trained in the field of user experience to create the user interface. Applying the same technique as when developing a web page, the user will feel very comfortable using the interface.

    Ted Lindström, Lead Application Developer, Plotagon
  • When we started Planetary Annihilation we were convinced that being able to integrate the web into the game was critical for it's success. We really struggled trying to find a good solution for this. Then we found Coherent UI. This allowed us to do things like leaderboards that show up across the title, integration of tournaments and modding that allows better integration of 3rd party websites.

    Jon Mavor, CTO, Uber Entertainment
  • Our vision and its evolution would simply not have been possible without Coherent UI and the first class support team at Coherent Labs.

    Peter Cameron, Co-founder/COO NEXED
  • Coherent UI for Unity has given us a level of freedom we haven't had before in creating our game UI. Our artists can focus entirely on the look and feel of the graphical elements while our UI programmer can develop the code logic to handle player interactions and game feedback separately. Rapidly creating functional UI and testing in a web browser has greatly reduced the turn around time for our UI development -- changes can be made and errors corrected in a matter of seconds and the results verified with a quick refresh of a web browser. Coherent UI paid for itself in the first day of use and is enabling us to take our game development to the next level.

    Matt Kronyak, President, RealmSource LLC
  • Our partnership with Coherent Labs continues to exceed our expectations and has literally been a game changer for our team by extending our development capabilities and by making it possible to realize our vision of a truly integrated game based web browsing experience.

    Peter Cameron, Co-founder/COO NEXED


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