Coherent UI for Unreal Engine 4
A modern user interface library for games
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UCoherentUILiveViewComponent Class Reference

#include <CoherentUILiveViewComponent.h>

Inherits UActorComponent.

Public Member Functions

void QueueUpdateLiveViewOnRenderThread ()

Public Attributes

FString LinkName
bool UpdateEveryFrame
UTexture * Texture
bool UpdateWhenPaused

Detailed Description

Coherent UI Live View Component

The class exposes all functionality needed for live views usage in Coherent UI. The component is complementary to the base Coherent UI Component.

Member Function Documentation

void UCoherentUILiveViewComponent::QueueUpdateLiveViewOnRenderThread ( )

Manual update of the live view texture

Member Data Documentation

FString UCoherentUILiveViewComponent::LinkName

The unique identifier of the live view link

UTexture* UCoherentUILiveViewComponent::Texture

The texture whose data will be transferred to Coherent UI

bool UCoherentUILiveViewComponent::UpdateEveryFrame

Indicates whether the live view will be updated every frame

bool UCoherentUILiveViewComponent::UpdateWhenPaused
If false, the live view will not be updated when the game is paused. The update only works

with the global setting of the Coherent UI System UpdateWhenPaused set to true