Coherent UI for Unreal Engine 4
A modern user interface library for games
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ACoherentUISystem Class Reference

#include <CoherentUISystem.h>

Inherits AActor.

Public Attributes

bool AllowCookies
FString CookiesResource
bool EnableProxy
FString CachePath
FString HTML5LocalStoragePath
bool ForceDisablePluginFullscreen
bool DisableWebSecurity
bool SupportProprietaryCodecs
bool UpdateWhenPaused
< ELoggingEnum::LoggingSeverity > 

Detailed Description

This Actor encapsulates a Coherent UI System. If you need to modify any of the default values of the System you can put this Actor in the world and it will be picked up by all created Views. If no Actor is present, a default one will be created.

Member Data Documentation

bool ACoherentUISystem::AllowCookies

Allows setting cookies

FString ACoherentUISystem::CachePath

Path used for cahced resources

FString ACoherentUISystem::CookiesResource

The name of the file used for cookies

bool ACoherentUISystem::DisableWebSecurity

Disables web security

bool ACoherentUISystem::EnableProxy

Enables support for proxy

bool ACoherentUISystem::ForceDisablePluginFullscreen

Disables fulscreen functionality on all plugins

FString ACoherentUISystem::HTML5LocalStoragePath

Path for HTML5 local storage

TEnumAsByte<ELoggingEnum::LoggingSeverity> ACoherentUISystem::LogSeverity

Verbosity of the Coherent UI log

bool ACoherentUISystem::SupportProprietaryCodecs

Enables support for proprietary codecs. NB: You must provide the proper ffmpeg build yourself.

bool ACoherentUISystem::UpdateWhenPaused

If true, the system will be updated even when the game is paused