Coherent UI for Unreal Engine 4
A modern user interface library for games
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ICoherentUIPlugin Class Reference

#include <ICoherentUIPlugin.h>

Inherits IModuleInterface.

Static Public Member Functions

static ICoherentUIPluginGet ()
static bool IsAvailable ()

Detailed Description

The public interface to this module. In most cases, this interface is only public to sibling modules within this plugin.

Member Function Documentation

static ICoherentUIPlugin& ICoherentUIPlugin::Get ( )

Singleton-like access to this module's interface. This is just for convenience! Beware of calling this during the shutdown phase, though. Your module might have been unloaded already.

Returns singleton instance, loading the module on demand if needed
static bool ICoherentUIPlugin::IsAvailable ( )

Checks to see if this module is loaded and ready. It is only valid to call Get() if IsAvailable() returns true.

True if the module is loaded and ready to use