A modern user interface library for games
cohtml::SystemSettings Struct Reference

Settings for a System. More...

Public Attributes

 Resource handler for loading assets.
IDataStorageHandlerDataStorageHandler = nullptr
 Data storage handler used for saving and loading persistent data.
ILocalizationManagerLocalizationManagerInstance = nullptr
 Optional localization manager. This object MUST outlive the System. Any HTML element created with the data-l10n-id attribute will get its text content replaced by the value returned from this object's ILocalizationManager::Translate method.
CachedResourcesWatermarks CachedImagesSettings
 Controls the low and high watermarks used when deciding when to prune the image cache.
int DebuggerPort
 Sets the port where the Debugger can connect to inspect the active Views. Set it to <= 0 to disable debugging.
bool EnableDebugger
 Enable/Disable the Debugger during the lifetime of the program. More...

Detailed Description

Settings for a System.

Member Data Documentation

◆ EnableDebugger

bool cohtml::SystemSettings::EnableDebugger

Enable/Disable the Debugger during the lifetime of the program.

If enabled it may influence application performance, make sure it is not enabled during benchmarking.