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CSSStyleDeclaration Interface Reference

The style of an element. More...

Public Member Functions

DOMString getPropertyValue (DOMString prop)
 returns the value of the property

Public Attributes

attribute DOMString zIndex
 set the zIndex
attribute DOMString opacity
 Opacity value.
attribute DOMString transform
 set transformation
Border properties
attribute DOMString borderBottomWidth
attribute DOMString borderLeftWidth
attribute DOMString borderRightWidth
attribute DOMString borderTopWidth
attribute DOMString borderWidth
attribute DOMString borderBottomColor
attribute DOMString borderLeftColor
attribute DOMString borderRightColor
attribute DOMString borderTopColor
attribute DOMString borderColor
attribute DOMString borderBottomStyle
attribute DOMString borderLeftStyle
attribute DOMString borderRightStyle
attribute DOMString borderTopStyle
attribute DOMString borderStyle
attribute DOMString borderBottom
attribute DOMString borderLeft
attribute DOMString borderRight
attribute DOMString borderTop
attribute DOMString border
Positioning - top, left, bottom, right

attribute DOMString top
attribute DOMString left
attribute DOMString bottom
attribute DOMString right
attribute long topPX
 set the top in pixels
attribute long leftPX
 set the left in pixels
attribute long bottomPX
 set the bottom in pixels
attribute long rightPX
 set the right in pixels
attribute long topVW
attribute long leftVW
attribute long bottomVW
attribute long rightVW
attribute long topVH
attribute long leftVH
attribute long bottomVH
attribute long rightVH
Size - width and height
attribute DOMString width
attribute DOMString height
attribute DOMString minWidth
attribute DOMString minHeight
attribute DOMString maxWidth
attribute DOMString maxHeight
attribute long widthPX
attribute long heightPX
attribute long minWidthPX
attribute long minHeightPX
attribute long widthVW
attribute long heightVH
attribute long minWidthVW
attribute long minHeightVH
attribute long maxWidthPX
attribute long maxHeightPX
attribute long maxWidthVW
attribute long maxHeightVH
Background - image and position and border radius
attribute DOMString backgroundSize
attribute DOMString backgroundImage
attribute DOMString backgroundPosition
attribute DOMString backgroundRepeat
attribute DOMString borderTopLeftRadius
attribute DOMString borderTopRightRadius
attribute DOMString borderBottomLeftRadius
attribute DOMString borderBottomRightRadius
attribute DOMString borderRadius
attribute DOMString borderImageSource
attribute DOMString borderImageSlice
attribute DOMString borderImageWidth
attribute DOMString borderImageOutset
attribute DOMString borderImageRepeat
attribute DOMString borderImage
attribute DOMString boxShadow
attribute DOMString textShadow
attribute DOMString textAlign
attribute DOMString letterSpacing
attribute DOMString filter
Flexbox properties
attribute DOMString flexDirection
attribute DOMString justifyContent
attribute DOMString alignSelf
attribute DOMString alignItems
attribute DOMString alignContent
attribute DOMString flexWrap
attribute DOMString flex
Font properties
attribute DOMString fontFamily
attribute DOMString fontSize
attribute DOMString fontWeight
attribute DOMString fontStyle

Detailed Description

The style of an element.