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cohtml::KeyEventData Struct Reference

A keyboard event. More...

Public Attributes

int KeyCode
 The key code.
EventType Type
 The type of the event.
EventModifiersState Modifiers
 The current key modifiers.
bool IsAutoRepeat
 Is it an auto-repeat event (the user is holding the key down). This value isn't crucial and you can set it to false if you don't have the information, however you might experience incorrect repeat behavior in such case.
bool IsNumPad
 Is it a key from the num-pad.
bool IsSystemKey
 This identifies whether this event was tagged by the system as being a "system key" event (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646286(VS.85).aspx for details). Other platforms don't have this concept. Generally means the Alt key is held down (but not AltGr, if present).

Detailed Description

A keyboard event.