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cohtml::ViewSettings Struct Reference

Settings used when initializing a View. More...

Public Attributes

 The ViewListener is notified of events happening in the View.
unsigned Width
 The Width of the View.
unsigned Height
 The Height of the View.
OnRenderingTasksAvailableFunc OnRenderingTasksAvailable
 Called when the View is completely advanced and laid-out. More...
OnMonotonicallyIncreasingTimeRequestFunc OnMonotonicallyIncreasingTimeRequest
 Called during the advance of the views when accurate current time is needed The client should return monotonically increasing time in milliseconds.
void * UserData
 Passed to the OnRenderingTasksAvailable and OnMonotonicallyIncreasingTimeRequest callbacks.
bool EnableComplexCSSSelectorsStyling
 Tells if to enable complex CSS selectors when doing style matching. By complex in this context we mean any CSS selector that requires walking the DOM tree to match - that is selectors with any combinator (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/CSS_Selectors#Combinators) and selectors with pseudo-classes that depend on the tree like :nth-chlid(), :first etc. This flag has a performance implication. Views that don't need such selectors should leave it disabled, which makes style matching significantly faster.

Detailed Description

Settings used when initializing a View.

Member Data Documentation

◆ OnRenderingTasksAvailable

OnRenderingTasksAvailableFunc cohtml::ViewSettings::OnRenderingTasksAvailable

Called when the View is completely advanced and laid-out.

This can be called on any thread!