Coherent UI for Unreal Engine 4
A modern user interface library for games
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UCoherentUIHUD Class Reference

#include <CoherentUIHUD.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from UCoherentBaseComponent
UCoherentMediaRequestHandlerGetMediaRequestHandler ()
void Resize (int32 resizeWidth, int32 resizeHeight)
void IssueMouseOnUIQuery (float normX, float normY)
bool HasMouseQueryFinished ()
void FetchMouseOnUIQuery ()
bool IsMouseOnView ()
void SetClickThroughAlphaThreshold (float threshold)
float GetClickThroughAlphaThreshold () const
void SetTargetFramerate (int32 target)
int32 GetTargetFramerate () const
bool IsViewOnDemand () const
bool IsTransparent () const
void Redraw () const
void Load (const FString &path)
void Reload (bool ignoreCache)
FString GetCurentViewPath () const
FString GetLastRequestedPath () const
FString GetLastLoadedPath () const
FString GetLastFailedPath () const
UTexture2D * GetTexture () const
UCoherentUIJSEventCreateJSEvent ()
void TriggerJSEvent (const FString &name, UCoherentUIJSEvent *eventData) const
bool IsReadyForBindings () const
bool IsReadyForScripting () const
- Public Attributes inherited from UCoherentBaseComponent
FString URL
bool Transparent
bool SupportClickThrough
int32 MaxFPS
bool ForceSoftwareRendering
bool UseSharedMemory
bool IsOnDemand
bool bReceiveInput
FUIReadyForBindingsSignature ReadyForBindings
FUIBindingsReleasedSignature BindingsReleased
FUIFinishLoadSignature FinishLoad
FUIFailLoad FailLoad
FUIOnNavigate OnNavigate
FUIScriptMessage ScriptMessage
FUICursorChanged CursorChanged
FUIJavaScriptMesssage JavaScriptMessage
FUIOnError ErrorOccured
FUIOnJavaScriptEvent JavaScriptEvent
FUIScriptingReady UIScriptingReady
FUIOnViewCreated UIOnViewCreated

Detailed Description

Component that has to attached to HUD actors. It is used to have Coherent UI Views (HTML5 pages) as HUDs.