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Coherent GT

Coherent GT is a game user interface technology that can cut UI development costs by as much as 30%. Coherent GT allows quick development iterations, provides great performance and a powerful declarative data-binding system.


Hummingbird is a multi-platform technology that empowers designers to create responsive user-interfaces through the modern web technologies. The intuitive workflow and fast iterations can save up to 40% of the UI development time. Designed for mobile first, Hummingbird ensures a smooth performance even on low-end devices.

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“Coherent gave Gearbox a highly performant, tool-robust, time and cost effective solution—the next generation of UI tools. Having used other popular UI solutions, we find Coherent to be a lifesaver. We’re actively spreading the good word.”

Michael Wardwell, Game Designer at Gearbox Software

“Our communication with the Coherent team was always great. Coherent GT demonstrates what we want in future UI engines. We'll work together again.”

Soo Min Park, CTO Bluehole Studio Inc.

“The Coherent team is knowledgeable and helpful. Their technology enabled us to create next generation UI”

The team at Nexon GT Co, Ltd

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