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Create stunning and high-performance game user interface based on the modern web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.


Gameface lets you create a game user interface with the world’s most popular UI system – HTML5. Write modern JavaScript and enjoy shorter development time and lower costs without creative limitations. Integrate it in a few days and start running your UI in under a millisecond per frame.

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Prysm lets you create a game user interface with one of the best design tools – AdobeⓇ CC. Design, animate and add interactions between the UI and the game visually without writing code. Give a couple of days to your C++ engineers and watch them get excited over our performance.

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Coherent Hivemind is a UI / UX studio creating legendary game interfaces.

We turn ideas into powerful designs that guide your players throughout a seamless game experience. From the ideation phase, visual style, UX design, up to development and user testing, our team will help you through every step of the UI creation journey.

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Games Made With CL Tech

One of the most popular games in Steam’s history, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS by Bluehole, gives you the chance to be the last man standing in an intense battle royale.

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For the pirates at heart - the ones who dream of setting sails in the open sea, who want to search for hidden treasures, and, of course, those that just want to shoot themselves out of a barrel. This is Sea of Thieves for you.

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How can you solve the mysteries of your past when you are in no control of the present? From Remedy and Sam Lake, the creative powers behind Quantum Break and the Max Payne series comes a new game where everyday reality is unlike anything we know.

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Working with Microsoft has been a great experience for us and it has taught us a lot about what it takes to be a competitive player on the software market. Being trusted by the world’s biggest software company is something that has opened many doors for Coherent Labs.

We are proud to work with developers like ArenaNet who have been with us for the past five years. Our partnership with them has been invaluable and has helped us develop the Coherent technology into the amazing software it is today!

Pearl Abyss have been with us almost from the very beginning. We are honored to have such a long-standing partnership that has taught us and helped us grow over the years.

We have worked with NCSoft since 2014 and they are one of the first clients to use our Coherent technology. It was an exciting moment to have someone like NCSoft become a client, especially during our first steps of growth. Through the year, we have established a partnership that has helped bring Coherent Labs this far.

Cryptic Studios are one of the most prominent game developers in the MMORPG genre. It has been a constant and enlightening journey to work with them. They have given us a much closer view on how the road of creating an amazing game from start to finish really looks like.

It has been very inspiring to work with Intrepid Studios. They continuously strive to make modern games that preserve the feeling of older generation titles. Working with them, we saw that they are a shining example of where passion can get you in the video game industry.

Bluehole Studio’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is widely considered to be the video game that defined the battle royale genre. Being able to play our part in the development of PUBG has been a fantastic experience.

It has been really exciting to work with Remedy Entertainment, a studio that has played a defining role in the video game industry. They have brought us some of the most iconic game franchises of all time. Through our partnership, we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge about what it takes to develop innovative games that can truly stand out.

Working with Nexon on Counter-Strike Online has been an incredibly educational partnership. With their long list of published titles from various genres, we had the chance to work alongside developers with diverse technical backgrounds.

Gearbox Software has published some amazing FPS titles over the years and it has been thrilling to be able to work with them. Over the time of our partnership, they have consistently opened new windows for us to explore in the gaming industry.


“Coherent gave Gearbox a highly performant, tool-robust, time and cost effective solution—the next generation of UI tools. Having used other popular UI solutions, we find Coherent to be a lifesaver. We’re actively spreading the good word.”

Michael Wardwell, Game Designer at Gearbox Software

“Our communication with the Coherent team was always great. Coherent GT demonstrates what we want in future UI engines. We’ll work together again.”

Soo Min Park, CTO Bluehole Studio Inc.

“The Coherent team is knowledgeable and helpful. Their technology enabled us to create next generation UI”

The team at Nexon GT Co, Ltd