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UCoherentBaseComponent Class Reference

#include <CoherentBaseComponent.h>

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Public Member Functions

UCoherentMediaRequestHandlerGetMediaRequestHandler ()
void Resize (int32 resizeWidth, int32 resizeHeight)
void IssueMouseOnUIQuery (float normX, float normY)
bool HasMouseQueryFinished ()
void FetchMouseOnUIQuery ()
bool IsMouseOnView ()
void SetClickThroughAlphaThreshold (float threshold)
float GetClickThroughAlphaThreshold () const
void SetTargetFramerate (int32 target)
int32 GetTargetFramerate () const
bool IsViewOnDemand () const
bool IsTransparent () const
void Redraw () const
void Load (const FString &path)
void Reload (bool ignoreCache)
FString GetCurentViewPath () const
FString GetLastRequestedPath () const
FString GetLastLoadedPath () const
FString GetLastFailedPath () const
UTexture2D * GetTexture () const
UCoherentUIJSEventCreateJSEvent ()
void TriggerJSEvent (const FString &name, UCoherentUIJSEvent *eventData) const
bool IsReadyForBindings () const
bool IsReadyForScripting () const

Public Attributes

FString URL
bool Transparent
bool SupportClickThrough
int32 MaxFPS
bool ForceSoftwareRendering
bool UseSharedMemory
bool IsOnDemand
bool bReceiveInput
FUIReadyForBindingsSignature ReadyForBindings
FUIBindingsReleasedSignature BindingsReleased
FUIFinishLoadSignature FinishLoad
FUIFailLoad FailLoad
FUIOnNavigate OnNavigate
FUIScriptMessage ScriptMessage
FUICursorChanged CursorChanged
FUIJavaScriptMesssage JavaScriptMessage
FUIOnError ErrorOccured
FUIOnJavaScriptEvent JavaScriptEvent
FUIScriptingReady UIScriptingReady
FUIOnViewCreated UIOnViewCreated

Detailed Description

Base class for all Coherent UI Components

The class exposes all events generated by the Coherent UI View as well as its methods to the Blueprint Editor.

Member Function Documentation

UCoherentUIJSEvent* UCoherentBaseComponent::CreateJSEvent ( )

Creates an event that will be executed in JavaScript

void UCoherentBaseComponent::FetchMouseOnUIQuery ( )

[DEPRECATED] Waits for the query to finish and fetches its data

float UCoherentBaseComponent::GetClickThroughAlphaThreshold ( ) const

Gets the alpha threshold for click-through queries

FString UCoherentBaseComponent::GetCurentViewPath ( ) const

Gets the URL that the View is on

FString UCoherentBaseComponent::GetLastFailedPath ( ) const

Gets the URL that last failed its loading

FString UCoherentBaseComponent::GetLastLoadedPath ( ) const

Gets the URL that was last loaded successfully by the View

FString UCoherentBaseComponent::GetLastRequestedPath ( ) const

Gets the URL that was last requested by the user for the View

UCoherentMediaRequestHandler* UCoherentBaseComponent::GetMediaRequestHandler ( )

Get the media request handler of the View

int32 UCoherentBaseComponent::GetTargetFramerate ( ) const

Gets the current max FPS

UTexture2D* UCoherentBaseComponent::GetTexture ( ) const

Gives access to the UI texture

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::HasMouseQueryFinished ( )

Checks if the last issued query has finished

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsMouseOnView ( )

Returns the result of the last query. NB: you must have issued and fetched a query prior to this

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsReadyForBindings ( ) const

Indicates if functions can be bound to the View

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsReadyForScripting ( ) const

Indicates if scripts can be executed via View->TriggerEvent()

void UCoherentBaseComponent::IssueMouseOnUIQuery ( float  normX,
float  normY 

Issues a query that will determine if the coordinates supplied are on an element in the View

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsTransparent ( ) const

Gets is the View is transparent

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsViewOnDemand ( ) const

Gets is the View is on-demand

void UCoherentBaseComponent::Load ( const FString &  path)

Requests a new URL to be loaded in the View

void UCoherentBaseComponent::Redraw ( ) const

Requests a View to completely re-draw itself

void UCoherentBaseComponent::Reload ( bool  ignoreCache)

Requests the View to reload the current URL

void UCoherentBaseComponent::Resize ( int32  resizeWidth,
int32  resizeHeight 

Resizes the View

void UCoherentBaseComponent::SetClickThroughAlphaThreshold ( float  threshold)

Click-through queries check the alpha under the mouse. This value defines the threshold when a pixel is categorized on the UI or on the Game

void UCoherentBaseComponent::SetTargetFramerate ( int32  target)

Sets the maximum FPS that the View will try to achieve. It will never exceed the FPS of the game though.

void UCoherentBaseComponent::TriggerJSEvent ( const FString &  name,
UCoherentUIJSEvent eventData 
) const

Triggers an event in JavaScript

Member Data Documentation

FUIBindingsReleasedSignature UCoherentBaseComponent::BindingsReleased

The bindings have been released

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::bReceiveInput

Indicates whether input is forwarded to this view

FUICursorChanged UCoherentBaseComponent::CursorChanged

Called when the page requests that the cursor be changed

FUIOnError UCoherentBaseComponent::ErrorOccured

Called when an error happens in the View

FUIFailLoad UCoherentBaseComponent::FailLoad

Called when the requested page has failed its load for some reason

FUIFinishLoadSignature UCoherentBaseComponent::FinishLoad

Called when the requested page has been loaded completely

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::ForceSoftwareRendering

Forces the View to render on the CPU only

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::IsOnDemand

On-demand views will synchronize their frames with the game

FUIOnJavaScriptEvent UCoherentBaseComponent::JavaScriptEvent

Called an event for this View is triggered in JavaScript

FUIJavaScriptMesssage UCoherentBaseComponent::JavaScriptMessage

Called when JavaScript emits a message

int32 UCoherentBaseComponent::MaxFPS

Indicates the maximal FPS that the View will try to achieve. It will never exceed the FPS of the game though.

FUIOnNavigate UCoherentBaseComponent::OnNavigate

Called when the page moves to a new URL

FUIReadyForBindingsSignature UCoherentBaseComponent::ReadyForBindings

When fired, the View is ready for binding events. Any event bound prior to this will be ignored

FUIScriptMessage UCoherentBaseComponent::ScriptMessage

Called when JavaScript emits a message

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::SupportClickThrough

Views with this property set can make UI click-through queries

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::Transparent

Indicates whether the View is transparent or composed on white

FUIOnViewCreated UCoherentBaseComponent::UIOnViewCreated

Called when the View object is created and ready for usage

FUIScriptingReady UCoherentBaseComponent::UIScriptingReady

Called when the View is ready to accept events

FString UCoherentBaseComponent::URL

The URL to load when the View is created

bool UCoherentBaseComponent::UseSharedMemory

Forces the View to use shared memory