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About Us

We are Coherent Labs –- passionate about making your game UI development as effortless as possible. We aim to help both designers and developers create stunning and powerful game interfaces through the use of modern web technologies like HTML5.

We value customer feedback as it helped us grow from a small start-up to a company that understands the needs of developers and knows how to make their work easy and enjoyable. Our products, Coherent Gameface, and Coherent Prysm are AAA game middleware software used by some of the best gaming studios in the world.

And we are just getting started.

Our values

Desire to learn

Have the will to develop yourself both personally and professionally

Passion and commitment

You are encouraged to actively participate in task designing and bring in ideas

Attention to detail and quality

Always strive for perfection but never at the expense of progress

Courage and confidence

Do nоt fear facing problems that nobody has encountered or solved before

Technical excellence

We never stop looking for improvements and do not settle for "good"

Shared success

There is no success for us unless our users are successful with our tech


George Petrov



Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I like doing paper aeroplanes

What makes Coherent Labs special?

We're the only professional vendor for game UI middleware on the market.

Dimitar Trendafilov



Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I am a car enthusiast and I am making room in my life for doing rallies.

What makes Coherent Labs special?

We want to bring the fun into game development.

Nick Vasilev

R&D Director


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

Once I missed 3 connecting flights in one trip and still got on time.

What makes Coherent Labs special?

We're the only professional vendor for game UI middleware on the market.

Aleksandra Ivanov

Customer Success Director


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I am a true makeup geek.

What makes Coherent Labs special?

Brainpower. I have never seen another group of people where every single member is extraordinarily smart and gifted. I guess that’s what makes pushing technological and innovation boundaries an easy task for us.

Annie Atanasova

Director of Operations and Finance


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I'm into extreme sports (like aerial acrobatics).

What makes Coherent Labs special?

I found out about Coherent Labs a few years ago. I recall being amazed by their determination and selflessness towards making game UI development a simple task. It’s an absolute bliss being part of this team.

Ivan Gradev

Head of Business Development


Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I have been to more than 30 countries; my longest trip from point A to point B was 42 hours non-stop travel.

What makes Coherent Labs special?

People and technology. We have the best and brightest colleagues and work with the latest tech in the gaming industry. Exciting!


Coherent UI 1.0

September. 24, 2012

We are live! This was the first version of the UI middleware we imagined we wanted to create. At the time it looked close to perfect but later experience would prove there's a room for improvement. It supported desktop and mobile.

First Unity3D Plugin

May 16, 2013

What's a gaming middleware without a plugin for Unity3D? This was our first plugin ever for a publicly-available game engine and we've been continually supporting U3D ever since in all of our products.

Coherent UI 2.0

March 07, 2014

As things grow, you can't always contain them in their former shell. Coherent UI 2.0 added a bunch of features enhancing the standard-compliance of the SDK and making it more browser-like. It powered some amazing games like Guild Wars 2.

First Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

June 16, 2014

Shortly after UE4 was released, we made sure to bring the magic of HTML to it. At the time Coherent UI was the only solution for UI in UE4 that did not require creators to write C++ code. We've been continually supporting UE4 ever since in all of our products.

Coherent GT 1.0

May 11, 2015

As usage of Coherent UI grew, some of its downsides made it obvious that we need to invent something better. Coherent GT became that something through significantly increased performance and a ton of features geared towards game UI as opposed to generic HTML. For the first time, we started supporting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Coherent GT is by far our most successful tech, currently running on millions of devices, including Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Coherent Editor 1.0

JULY 15, 2015

The Coherent Editor was our first experiment for an artist-friendly tool. It focused around building the UI in a WYIWYG manner and without third-party dependencies. Unfortunately, we released it too early and it wasn't well accepted. Because of that, we shut it down and moved the team to work on what is now Prysm's plugin for Adobe Animate.


November 8, 2016

Coherent GT was a huge success but we knew we can jump higher. Born from an entirely in-house codebase, without major third-party dependencies, Hummingbird was designed to move us another step closer to the perfect game UI solution. Created specifically for performance and visual quality as the primary goals, and standard-compliance as a secondary goal. It being entirely in-house allowed us to iterate much faster and prototype new ideas.

Animate Exporter

JUNE 15, 2017

Adobe Animate is a great tool for UI creation but one thing that made it greater is the ability to export data for Hummingbird. For this to happen, we developed an extension that allowed users to hit a single button and run whatever they have in Animate in Hummingbird.

Coherent GT 2.0

DECEMBER 7, 2017

Coherent GT's development continued in parallel with Hummingbird's. GT 2.0 marked a huge upgrade to the core capabilities bringing support for the latest features in the ever-evolving web world.

Coherent Prysm

NOVEMBER 26, 2018

Coherent Prysm is the result of all the feedback we've heard from artists in the past 6 years. We are moving game UI creation away from code and back to where it belongs - in the hands of skilled artists. Powered by the same technology used in Hummingbird and a plugin for Adobe Animate which lets designers add interaction and behaviour without code. The product is the go-to solution for game UI based on visual tools.

Coherent Gameface

NOVEMBER 26, 2018

Coherent Gameface is the culmination of everything we've learnt about HTML5 and game UI in the past 6 years. By combining the technologies of what used to be Hummingbird and Coherent GT, we are balancing between providing the best performance and the most comfortable workflow. This product is the go-to solution for game UI based on HTML5.

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