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Prysm is perfect for designers, giving you the ability to create a game user interface using Adobe CC. There is no need for code, simply design, animate and add interactions. Prysm allows for quick integration and you will soon be running your UI in under a millisecond per frame.

Visual workflow is the best workflow for artists

Create the entire game UI with the tools you are accustomed to. Design, animate and add interactions to the UI in AdobeⓇ CC without writing code. Your work is finished – no longer does a programmer have to redo your design to fit the game. 

AAA games deserve AAA visuals

Use everything Adobe’sⓇ CC has to offer and add more to it. Prysm’s plugin for Animate CC will serve as the link to your game – making sure your UI scales as the game changes resolution, letting you render in-world elements in the UI and a lot more.

Seamless engine integration

Using Unreal or Unity? Prysm is already integrated. Have your own engine? Plug Prysm into all of your systems. Control everything from memory allocation to rendering. Give a couple of days to your C++ engineers and watch them get excited over Prysm’s performance. 

How It Works


If you are interested in more technical details and what exactly does the technology enable you to do, you might want to know all the features of Prysm.

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Our documentation contains the information necessary for starting with Prysm. Whether you are an engine programmer or a UI artist, is the place for you.

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