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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started


The Products

  • Are Coherent GT and Hummingbird still part of your portfolio?

    Coherent GT and Hummingbird are the underlying technologies behind Coherent Gameface. The SDKs are what powers the product and you will be able to use either one when you work with Coherent Gameface. Think of Coherent Gameface as the umbrella term for both technologies that lets you make the most of both, depending on your use case.

  • What platforms are supported?

    Supported Platforms are: PC (includes Windows, MacOS X), Mobile (Android, iOS), Sony Playstation®4, Microsoft XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch™.

  • Which game engines is Coherent Gameface integrated with?

    Coherent Gameface is pre-integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D and can be integrated with any other custom engine.

  • Are there any limitations in the Demo?

    The Demo has all the features of the licensed version but shows a small watermark on all screens. You also cannot release a product with the Trial and it will stop working after 30 days.

  • Is a DLC considered a different project?

    Depending on the type of DLC. If it is a standalone content that is playable apart from the main game – yes, it would be licensed additionally.

  • What is the difference between SDK update and upgrade?

    An Update keeps your SDK up to date with small changes and fixes, you can identify it by the number to the right of decimal point, e.g. Version 1.0, Version 1.1, Version 1.2, and so on. An Upgrade refers to new major release being a standalone version of the SDK (1.x -> 2.x).

The Company

  • Does Coherent Labs provide professional services on top of its product offerings?

    Yes, Hivemind is a creative studio created by the founding team of Coherent Labs with the goal to help game developers create beautiful and functional UIs. Hivemind can help you with the UI Art direction, the user experience design, testing, and optimization as well as with the implementation of the UI. If you have any questions please contact billy@coherent-hivemind.com.

  • Does Coherent Labs provide client support?

    Our mission at Coherent Labs is to help developers bring their ideas to life more efficiently, that is why we offer Standard support for all licenses for the first year of usage. There are also diverse options of upgrades, Premium support, and multi-project support, suited to your needs, as well as the possibility for an on-site integration.