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Hummingbird 1.1 is here!
January 12, 2017 Blog

What is new? In the current release of Hummingbird, we added a bunch of useful features which will help you

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Profile and debug your mobile game UI
December 23, 2016 Blog

  Building a user-oriented product such as mobile games requires frequent feedback and iterations on the user experience. Giving the

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How Hummingbird revolutionizes the way you create mobile GUI?
November 06, 2016 Blog, News

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Hummingbird SDK – a next generation UI tool which will revolutionize

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How to create a modern Battle deck screen for Mobile Strategy Game?
November 02, 2016 Blog

The strategy game genre is one of the most popular among the mobile game players. Clash of Clans, Game of

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Under the hood of Hummingbird: String interning
August 04, 2016 Blog

Here is another technical blog post which will give you a better understanding of how Hummingbird – our new HTML

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How to get 60 fps UI on mobile?
July 05, 2016 Blog

We have a big announcement to make – Project Colibri for Games is renamed to Hummingbird! Hummingbird is Coherent Labs’

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Create an Angry Birds style UI with Hummingbird
May 26, 2016 Blog

Hummingbird, our solution for mobile game UI, is currently in BETA but I decided to give you a sneak peak

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Mobile game UI design made easy
April 07, 2016 Blog

Few months back I met Jimmy – a freelance mobile UI designer with more than 7 years of experience in

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How is bad UX hurting your monetization
How is bad UX hurting your monetization
February 22, 2016 Blog

Two days ago I installed a new mobile game on my LG G3. I am already hooked on several mobile

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Why are we developing an entirely new technology for mobile game UI?
January 22, 2016 Blog

  Many of you have been asking about our new SDK for mobile game UI. We have decided that it

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