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Changelog: Prysm


Released 05 Dec 2018

Feature Added support for setting the “overflow” of elements. Overflow refers to parts of an element which are outside the boundaries of the element. Each element can now specify if the overflowing parts should be visible, hidden or if the element should scroll.
Feature Added complete support for z-index. Z-index determines the order in which elements are rendered on the screen so elements with lower z-index are ‘behind’ elements with higher z-index.
Feature UWP Added support for UWP ARM.
Feature UWP The SDK will now use ChakraCore as JavaScript VM on UWP x86. JavaScriptCore is still the JSVM for UWP x64. This nets about 30% performance increase in JavaScript execution. ChakraCore on UWP x64 will be available in a later release.
Feature API Added the ability to dump all currently used images in the UI. This is useful when you want to know which files to package, preload or generate atlases for. See the new method cohtml::View::GetUsedImagesList.
Feature Added support for exposing objects containing std::pair, std::map and std::unordered_map to the UI.
Enhancement Exporting for Prysm will no longer generate fake events in the history panel of Adobe Animate. Previously, hitting the ‘Export’ button would create tens of events, effectively corrupting the undo/redo stack.
Fix Fixed a bug in the Player application which would fail to load files whose paths contained non-ASCII characters.
Fix Fixed a crash in the Player application when using the –height parameter.
Fix Fixed a bunch of minor memory leaks across the scripting sybsystem.
Fix Added virtual destructors to the cohtml::DebugDump and cohtml::FrameCapture structs.
Fix Fixed rendering of SVG gradients which were misplaced when under the effects of a transformation (translation, rotation, etc.).
Fix Fixed a bug which would cause some SVG files no never be loaded if a lot of SVGs were loaded simultaneously at the start of the application.
Fix Fixed a crash when calling cohtml::System::Uninitialize while a video was still playing.
Fix Fixed a bug which would cause videos to sometimes stop spuriously.
Fix Fixed a bug which would cause some SVGs to be rendered incorrectly.
Fix Fixed a bug which would cause elements whose background is a linear-gradient to not update when another linear gradient is applied.
Fix Fixed an issue which would cause hover effects on images to not appear every other time.
Fix Fixed an assert in Debug that was being hit when calculating new styles for some elements that have both box-shadow and transform applied.
Fix Switch Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch when destroying rendering resources.
Fix Switch You no longer have to define COHERENT_HORIZON manually to build for Nintendo Switch.
Fix iOS Fixed a bug which would cause the SDK to throw an error whenever you accessed window.history.state on iOS.
Fix iOS MacOS Some debug features were disabled in debug builds on MacOS and iOS (e.g asserts). They are now available on all platforms in Debug.
Fix UE4 Displaying a Prysm UMG widget inside a ScaleBox widget will now preserve scaling properly.
Fix UE4 Mouse input will now be correctly calculated even in the presence of safe zones. Previously, if UE4 deemed safe zones were needed, the UI would render correctly but mouse input would be offset.