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Nex Machina is a twin-stick shooter with shooting waves of enemies and human hostages to save. Similarly to other games by the developer Housemarque, Nex Machina gives the players a sense of urgency and encourages them to take risks and have a more action-oriented strategy.

Each stage is divided up into rooms where you have to defeat several waves of robotic enemies. The game has a dash that is crucial for finding elbow room and navigating laser beams. It also has enemies that pop up riding along spectral tramlines and must be blasted to pieces before they disappear off-screen.

Nex Machina has bosses that are made of voxels, which means enemies explode in showers of breakfast cereal. It has power-ups that come with a lady voice taken out of all the best Housemarque games.

As Jason Bonham from the famous Zombie Chimp blog says, “The presentation of Nex Machina is solid with a great user interface across all menus…support for navigation via the left analog stick, directional pad, and face buttons. The background of the main menus onwards focuses on an open landscape with rock formations, vegetation, and stormy skies.”

Nex Machina is a winner. The game balances exploration in each stage with the threat of massive hordes of various enemies bearing down at you from all sides, and it maintains the fun that comes from relentless action. Score hunters will have a blast going after each challenge and their respective leaderboards, all while taking in the voxel overload as things explode. Action fans of all types owe it to themselves to check out Nex Machina.

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You can check the game on Steam and on the official the official Nex Machina website.