Coherent GT

Blazing fast user interface runtime for PC and Consoles

Use the best technology for rich and interactive UI

Coherent GT provides dozens of visual features to create stunning UI. Vector graphics, Responsive layout, 3D transformations, Shadows, Blend modes, Custom effects, Transparent videos enrich the user interface immensely.

Reduce development time

Coherent GT aids the collaboration between team members and provides the fastest iterations for UI development in the industry. By separating the UI designers from developers and employing GT’s data-binding systems, the UI development time can be significantly reduced.

Take advantage of the most powerful visual tools

Coherent GT comes with the Coherent Exporter - an Adobe Animate plugin that is specifically designed for game UI. Designers can quickly create the whole interface, widgets, animations, effects and directly import assets from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Be in control of what’s going on

Our small footprint technology fits well in any fine-tuned game engine. As former game developers we want you to keep control on all integration aspects important for performance - memory allocations, I/O access, multithreading and garbage collection. Monitor, optimize, troubleshoot and debug the UI using the provided advanced devtools.

How it works

Major features

Based on modern web technologies

Coherent GT's HTML engine allows you to fully utilize the power of the modern web technologies (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and benefit from all the web existing knowledge and resources.

UI styling and components

The UI styling allows creating the whole skin of the UI. With just a click the whole “look and feel” of the game can be modified and iterated upon. Styles can be shared and inherited between re-usable components.

Live visual editing

Make and view UI changes even while the game is running. There are no compilation/building steps. The designer can quickly iterate on the interface’s styles and layout and show the results.

Vector graphics and responsive layout system

The layout system can adapt the UI to different resolutions and aspect ratios, while the vector graphics will always look great.

Data-driven binding system

Coherent GT's data-binding model makes it easy to send data back and forth between the engine and the UI. Designers can use a data-driven model to animate and update the UI - no coding needed.

Display websites and make secure transactions

With GT, adding in-game marketplaces, chat, social integrations (Facebook, Twitch, Twitter etc.) becomes easy because it can work as a mini-browser fetching remote resources.

Supported platforms and engines

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