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The easiest way to create high performance user interface

Empower the UI designers

HTML naturally separates designer’s and developer’s workflow. Designers can create visually rich UI, define global CSS styles and reuse them for fast skinning of the UI. Iterations can be seen immediately without rebuilding or even restarting the game. The empowering Coherent Exporter for Adobe Animate saves hours so designers can focus on improving the user experience.

Get high performance on any device

 Hummingbird’s multi-threaded architecture empowers developers to create fast, lightweight UI that runs smoothly on any device. The high performance is achieved through a modern data-oriented design that takes optimal advantage of the device CPU and GPU. Hummingbird’s data-binding system enhances the communication between the game and the UI by manipulating the DOM directly through C++.

Crisp and clear UI regardless of the device

The complex text rendering and support for vector-graphics enable teams to build resolution-independent user interfaces. Hummingbird’s powerful CSS layout and responsive design automatically adapt the game UI for any screen size and resolution. HTML supports localization out of the box, which prevents any breaks in the layout and any visual quirks due to changes in the text length.

How it works

Major features

Based on modern web technologies

Hummingbird empowers game designers to utilize the existing web knowledge (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and resources. Styles, assets and animations can be shared and reused between projects.

Responsive layout and Vector-based assets

Hummingbird supports the most powerful CSS layout - Flexbox. It automatically adjusts the UI for the screen size and resolution. The support for vector-based assets empowers designers to create UI that looks crisp and clear on every resolution.


Hummingbird’s data-binding model makes it easy to send data from the game to the UI. Designers are empowered to use a data-driven model to animate and update the UI without writing any code.

The fastest HTML renderer

Hummingbird’s renderer is designed for different devices, empowering developers to create high performance, lightweight UI that runs smoothly on any device.

Visual editing

Hummingbird is compatible with the Coherent Exporter and Adobe Animate which allows easy visual workflow. Thanks to the underlying web technologies changes can be seen immediately without the need to recompile the game.

The best Devtools

Hummingbird comes integrated with Chrome devtools. Developers can analyze the JavaScript through a JS debugger and measure the UI performance with a powerful profiler.

Supported platforms and engines

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