Reduce development time

Empower the whole team and reduce development time

Reduce development time

Separate work between artists and developers. Your art team can visually iterate on the UI without recompiling or even restarting the game. Game data is efficiently exposed from the game and complex logic can be easily scripted without writing native code. All interface components, widgets and styles could be shared and reused between teams and projects. Learn more about the features of Coherent GT and Hummingbird.

Empower your team

Grant your team the best UI technology Рthe rich feature set and tools cover the needs of both the art and development team. Our Coherent Exporter empowers designers to create UI without the need of writing code. On the dev side Рdevelopers can monitor, optimize, troubleshoot and debug the UI using the advanced profiler and debugger. The workflow, designed by experienced game developers, fits well with agile processes.

Partner with the best

In Coherent Labs, you find a reliable technology and business partner. We share and reduce the risk of UI development by actively providing advice and sharing our expertise in web and UI creation. The dedicated customer success and support team will work around the clock with your team to make sure that they utilize the power of the technology and achieve their goals.

Easily find skilled additions to your UI team

With technology from Coherent Labs you can not only reduce development time but also speed up the process of acquiring new specialists. In the last ten years, the web industry has accumulated a great pool of knowledge and experience. HTML/CSS/JS are the most widely used web technologies in the world allowing you to easily find new talent for your team.

Technologies supporting all platforms

PC & Consoles

PC, Consoles & Mobile

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