Scaleform alternative

It’s about time to turn to modern UI solutions

Achieve better performance, more efficient iteration and cleaner code by transferring your project to Hummingbird.

See how simple it is  

We prepared a Coherent Exporter add-on for artists designing UI in Adobe Animate, which converts the scenes to HTML/CSS/JS code already optimized for Hummingbird.

Even existing visual Flash content can be exported as HTML, so you can easily continue projects already started with Scaleform. We prepared a dedicated migration guide that provides all details about the process, making the transition even more simple.

Save your development time

Declarative data-binding system allows you to assign data-binding attributes to UI elements that directly reference a data-model defined in the C++.

The data-binding attributes are added via visual GUI in the Exporter panel. That way you can even skip the coding!

Eliminate compilation and building steps

Designers can test their work even without the game running, by mocking all of the game data, previewing it in the Hummingbird renderer and simulating real interactions.

Changes to the UI can be also applied live while the game is running, so you can visually iterate on the game interface without the need to rebuild or even restart your title.

Empower your team

Your UI data is separated from the game and complex logic can be easily scripted without writing any code. Artists can visually iterate on the UI without recompiling or even restarting the build. 

Developers can analyze the JavaScript code through our JS debugger and measure the UI performance with a powerful profiler. The build-in JavaScript Editor also allows UI developers and technical artists to add additional functionality to the UI without the need for external tools.

Get amazing UI performance

Specifically built for the needs of AAA game studios, Hummingbird supports PC, consoles and mobile with amazing performance, running in submillisecond times on very complex UIs, which makes it the fastest UI system on the market.

Coherent Exporter automatically minimizes DOM element count, creates shared CSS Classes for similar UI elements and aggregates animation keyframes resulting in optimal performance of UI in the game without the need for profiling.

How it works

Request a demo and try it yourself

Our mission is to provide the best technology and tools for game UI and interactive applications.

By working with us, you will get a reliable partner and personalized approach all the way through your project.

Once we review your request, you will receive a downloadable link with the demo version of Hummingbird. One of our representatives will get in touch and schedule a call with you to discuss your needs.

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