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Features that work for you


Vector-based assets

Hummingbird supports the use of SVG images. SVG is a powerful format that keeps a small size and scales to any screen size without losing clarity.

Multithreaded architecture

The key to the scalability and performance of Hummingbird is its multithreaded architecture that consists of main, rendering thread and worker threads.

Fast HTML renderer

Hummingbird’s proprietary renderer is designed specifically for mobile devices, empowering you to create high performance, lightweight UI that runs smoothly on any device.

Based on the standard web technologies

Hummingbird’s HTML engine allows you to fully utilize the power of the modern web (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and benefit from all the existing web knowledge and resources.

Asynchronous resource loading

In Hummingbird, resources are loaded asynchronously on the worker threads in order to avoid stalling the main UI thread.

Visual Styling

Responsive layout

Hummingbird has full support for FlexBox layout, which is the most powerful yet simplest layout standard supported by CSS.

Quick styling of the UI

CSS styles allow designers to define a main look of the UI and reuse it to style all UI elements. If any changes are required, the designer can apply them to the main look and they will be immediately visible in all other elements.

Support for CSS animations

Hummingbird supports keyframe animations that allow designers to create smooth and high performance UI animations.


JavaScript UI scripting

UI developers can create complex logic with JavaScript without the need to write native code.

Advanced data-binding

Hummingbird comes with a native data binding system that allows you to easily define complex interactions directly with the game without writing any JavaScript logic.

Developer control

Developers have control over memory allocations, rendering, garbage collector, file loading and logging.


Debugger and profiler

Currently, Hummingbird supports Chrome DevTools’ JavaScript debugger. It allows the developers to analyze the values of the variables and the call stack at a particular moment by using breakpoints to pause the code.

Visual UI Editor and third-party tools

Hummingbird is compatible with the Coherent Editor as well as third party HTML editors. By using a visual tool and a code editor, the designer can significantly improve his workflow and reduce development time.


Support for pre-loaded images

Hummingbird supports loading textures in advance, enabling developers to significantly improve the UI loading time and reduce the GPU memory usage.

Support for compressed image formats

Hummingbird natively supports compressed textures (ETC/ ASTC), enabling developers to reduce the memory footprint and improve the UI performance.

Support for fallback image formats

The developer can use any image format during development and Hummingbird will automatically load the compressed image formats (ETC/ASTC etc) once the game is exported to the shipping configuration.

Platforms and engines

Easy integration

Hummingbird comes pre-integrated with Unity3D and can be easily integrated with Native (C++) engines.

Cross-platform development

Develop once and deploy to all mobile platforms- iOS and Android (Windows phone will be supported soon).

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