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Using TypeScript with Coherent UI
May 08, 2013 Workflow

Previously we announced the automatic binding of .Net methods for Coherent UI. It greatly simplifies exposing the game to the UI, but

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Announcing our new release – Coherent UI 1.2.1
April 25, 2013 Release

Coherent UI in Planet Annihilation First we would like to show some pre-alpha footage of Planetary Annihilation the devs from Uber Entertainment have put

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Objective-C++ ARC gotchas
April 16, 2013 Workflow

Lately I had to mix C++ and Objective-C pretty heavily (it’s called Objective-C++ apparently). What I usually need is having

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Unity3D – compositing multiple Coherent UI Views (tutorial)
March 28, 2013 Art Tutorials

In this Unity3D tutorial we’ll show how to compose multiple Coherent UI views simultaneously on the main player camera. Some example scenarios

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Unity 3D Facebook integration with Coherent UI (tutorial)
March 25, 2013 TechTutorials

After our previous showcase of a minigame that opens a door, we’re continuing the series on Unity3D with Coherent UI. This

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Timestamps for performance measurements
March 18, 2013 TechTutorials

When measuring the performance of some code, a critical point to get right is having an accurate and reliable method

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Adding a HTML5 minigame in Unity3D with Coherent UI (Tutorial)
February 21, 2013 TechTutorials

Today, we’re starting a new series of blog posts with educational purposes. These posts will essentially be short tutorials for

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CryEngine 3 minimap made with Coherent UI
February 01, 2013 Showcases

This is just a small update on our demo in CryEngine 3. We added a minimap using OpenLayers giving us all sorts

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Converting a gyp library to premake
January 21, 2013 TechTutorials

Here at Coherent Labs, we have a large and cross-platform project. The build system is crucial for a project like

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Dump References VS add-in
January 15, 2013 Workflow

Motivation In our current products we have to deal with very big build projects, some of are divided in more

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