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Adding a HTML5 minigame in Unity3D with Coherent UI (Tutorial)
February 21, 2013 TechTutorials

Today, we’re starting a new series of blog posts with educational purposes. These posts will essentially be short tutorials for

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CryEngine 3 minimap made with Coherent UI
February 01, 2013 Showcases

This is just a small update on our demo in CryEngine 3. We added a minimap using OpenLayers giving us all sorts

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Coherent UI in CryEngine 3 (Redux)
January 29, 2013 News

Coherent UI in CryEngine 3 (Redux) After the article on about Coherent UI, a lot of people read our previous blog post about

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Passing a struct from C# to C++ gone wrong
November 05, 2012 TechTutorials

Have you ever tried calling a C# method returning a structure from C++? This is not a common use of interoperability so you

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CryEngine 3 Integration
October 24, 2012 News

This week we’re on a multimedia frenzy and we’re presenting another video of Coherent UI :). This one is about our experimental

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Converting Adobe Photoshop ACV to LUT for color grading
October 08, 2012 Art Tutorials

So, what does this even mean and what’s its purpose? First, ACV is the Adobe Photoshop curves file format, which stores color mapping information.

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Debugging undebuggable applications with PIX
September 10, 2012 TechTutorials

Developers can ask DirectX 9 not to allow PIX to debug their application by calling D3DPERF_SetOptions(1). I knew that and

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