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A high level shader construction syntax – Part III
December 04, 2012 TechTutorials

This article is part of the a series of posts, the first ones can be found here: A high level

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What can Unity 4 and DirectX 11 do together?
December 03, 2012 Workflow

With the new version Unity 4 introduces support for DirectX 11 which can really take your graphics to the next

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CryEngine 3 Integration
October 24, 2012 News

This week we’re on a multimedia frenzy and we’re presenting another video of¬†Coherent UI¬†:). This one is about our experimental

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Debugging undebuggable applications with PIX
September 10, 2012 TechTutorials

Developers can ask DirectX 9 not to allow PIX to debug their application by calling D3DPERF_SetOptions(1). I knew that and

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