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Coherent GT Release
Coherent GT Release 1.8.6
July 05, 2016 Release

Coherent GT 1.8.6 is here with a ton of new features and improvements! This blog post will highlight the changes

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How do we test performance in Coherent Labs
October 29, 2015 Workflow

At Coherent Labs, we care about performance and that should be pretty obvious to anyone that has used one of

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In the Shadow of Saturn Demo – Part I
March 06, 2014 Workflow

With GDC 2014 around the corner we’ve decided to create a game that shows many of the cool features of

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A high level shader construction syntax – Part III
December 04, 2012 TechTutorials

This article is part of the a series of posts, the first ones can be found here: A high level

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Passing a struct from C# to C++ gone wrong
November 05, 2012 TechTutorials

Have you ever tried calling a C# method returning a structure from C++? This is not a common use of interoperability so you

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A twist on PImpl
October 15, 2012 TechTutorials

PImpl is a well known pattern for reducing dependencies in a C++ project. The classic implementation is:     It has two

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A high level shader construction syntax – Part I
October 11, 2012 TechTutorials

Shader construction A challenge in modern graphics programming is the management of complicated shaders. The huge amount of  materials, lights

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Documenting JavaScript with Doxygen
October 01, 2012 Workflow

As you already know (Coherent UI announcement) we are developing a large C++ and JavaScript project. We have documentation for

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