Coherent UI integration in Unreal Engine 4 (official reel)

by Alexandra July. 07, 14 0 Comment

Update: Coherent UI is no longer supported. Check the features of our current products – Coherent GT and Hummingbird!

With Coherent UI 2.1 for Unreal Engine 4 already released and 2.2. just around the corner, we decided to shoot a short Coherent UI demo reel of our integration in UE4. We took the Shooter Game provided by Unreal Engine and put an alternative HUD that replaces the one made with Slate.

Coherent UI demo reel

The UI elements that you’ll see in the HUD are: animated HP bar, animated ammo count, kill counter, current weapon indicator and a detailed kill log.
The Demo also glances at the possibilities of using UI elements in the 3D game world. First, we open an inventory, where we change our primary weapon, after which we hit a UI button to “take the elevator” and go to a secret location in the level. Of course the latest can be used for different kind of player interaction (e.g door handlers, monitor screens, etc.)
The two way UI binding (game -> HTML and HTML -> game) is done all in blueprints without a single line of C++. The only thing that is done in C++ is broadcasting events for when health or ammo is changed.



Please stay tuned for a series of video tutorials on how we made this reel 🙂

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